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We know that urological symptoms can be uncomfortable and affect your quality of life. That’s why our specialists get to the root of any concern to treat underlying issues, not just the outward symptoms. Getting you back to feeling good, faster.


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Dedicated to urological health

The London Clinic are experts in urological health, offering a team of world-class consultants and specialist nurses to support you at every stage of your diagnosis. We offer testing for various female and male urological conditions, including prostate issues like BPH and cancer.

Our rapid diagnostics team is dedicated to uncovering the cause of any symptoms and providing additional tests for those worried about prostate cancer. So, whether you're experiencing symptoms related to prostate cancer, such as raised PSA levels detected by your GP, or have other urological concerns like urinary tract symptoms, urinary infection, erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction, blood in your urine, or have noticed a lump in your testicle, we aim to see you within 48 hours.

Patients will see a consultant, go for imaging and tests, and have a diagnosis and treatment plan by the end of the day. Even with more complicated cases, like prostate cancer, you’ll still finish the day with a clear view of your next steps.

We offer a unique range of diagnostics including urine and blood tests including PSA and PSE (a more accurate prostate blood test), CT, Advanced same-day MRI, bladder scans, Uroflowmetry, Flexible Cystoscopy and Ultrasound, covering all aspects of male and female urology. All imaging is performed by our Radiographers, and reported by our highly experienced Consultant Radiologists who specialise in Urology.

How we can help

Our expert team deliver comprehensive diagnostics for a diverse range of urological conditions such as prostate cancer, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), prostatitis and erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction, kidney stones, bladder outflow obstruction and kidney, bladder or testicular Cancer. 

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Holistic approach

Whatever the issue, our diagnostic team will begin with a thorough evaluation to unravel the complexities of a patient’s urological well-being – looking beyond the physical symptoms to find the root cause. 

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State-of-the-art diagnostics

From ultrasound scans and cystoscopy to advanced imaging techniques such as CT, MRI, and PET scans, our extensive range of equipment allows us to delve deeper into the nuances of urological conditions, providing a foundation for accurate diagnosis. 

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Personalised care

Each patient's journey is unique, and our expert team tailors every treatment recommendation based on an understanding of their medical history, symptoms, and diagnostic results to ensure a truly personalised health care plan. 

Concerned about prostate cancer?

More than 52,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that's 144 men every day – making it one of the most common cancers in the UK. While the causes are largely unknown, there are certain risk factors including age, ethnicity, obesity, and family history.

Patients who are concerned about cancer often come to rapid diagnostics with a raised PSA level already detected by their GP. Our priority is then to determine whether these elevated levels indicate prostate cancer. We usually do this by examining you and testing your blood, followed by an MRI scan and biopsy. If prostate cancer is diagnosed early, your consultant may recommend active surveillance rather than immediate treatment. For more aggressive cancers, we offer treatments including External Beam Radiotherapy, Cryotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Chemotherapy, and Lutetium-177 PSMA Therapy. It's important not to dismiss urological symptoms as part of getting older. If you notice difficulty or pain during urination, increased urinary frequency, or blood in your urine, it’s best to speak to an expert.

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Weekly urology MDTs

Every week our urologists, radiologists and clinical nurses get together in a multi-disciplinary team meeting (MDT) to discuss imaging findings, the results of tests, and to decide the most coordinated responses for treatment.  

Any patient cases that our team suspect may be related to cancer are fed through this group to allow for discussion and review.

By having these meetings weekly, as opposed to fortnightly, we can help our patients get started on their treatment sooner. Plus, this collaborative approach means you can feel safe and secure knowing every possible option is being discussed. 

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Starting your diagnostic journey

Whether you suspect something is wrong or just want a check-up, waiting can be the worst part. Urology Rapid Diagnostics allows for more people to be seen quicker, with highly trained staff on hand to offer bespoke care. If further treatment is needed post-diagnosis, The London Clinic provides an extensive array of option. Patients can expect a seamless and swift referral process, guided by our pathway coordinators.

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Call us to book

Get started by giving us a call on 02076167693 or filling out our online web form. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in finding the most appropriate care.

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Diagnostic consultation

Your first appointment is an opportunity for our experts to gain a thorough understanding of your concerns. They will conduct an initial evaluation and if necessary, recommend tests.

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Fast, accurate diagnosis

If diagnostic tests are required, expect swift and accurate results in 72 hours from our world-class consultants, who have access to cutting-edge diagnostic machines.

Need a GP appointment?

We are the only private hospital to offer the public 24/7, same-day access to a GP, 365 days a year. So if you would like to see a GP first to discuss your health concerns then please call us today. We offer appointments by phone, via videocall, in person at our Harley Street Clinic or at your home.


Find out more

Self-pay urology packages

Prices vary and our self-pay packages are exclusive of consultant fees and blood tests.

  • Urology Core, £115: This package includes a series of preliminary tests including a Bladder Scan and Flow Rate test to give us a better picture of your urological health
  • Male Fertility Assessment, £220*: This assessment includes tests for hormone levels, physical assessments, and specialised consultations to guide your reproductive well-being. *Subject to having a Core Health Assessment first (£895).

More information

When it comes to getting specific answers, you don’t want to be waiting for access to tests, imaging and diagnosis. That’s why we offer a urology package and a Male Fertility Health Assessment, designed to help our consultants find the best pathway for you. Prices vary and our self-pay packages are exclusive of consultant fees and blood tests.

Spread the cost of diagnostics

As a patient of The London Clinic, you can take advantage of 0% finance through our trusted partner, Chrysalis. You can apply for a payment plan once you receive a quote from us in three simple steps:

  1. Calculate your monthly repayments using our calculator
  2. Check your eligibility with Chrysalis payment plan
  3. Complete your credit application directly with Chrysalis 
Professor Dasgupta
The Urology Clinic at the Rapid Diagnostics Centre adopts a holistic approach, seeking out the root causes of urological concerns rather than merely addressing outward symptoms.
Prof Prokar Dasgupta OBE, Professor of Urology


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Urological symptoms can vary, but common signs include changes in urinary habits, such as increased frequency, difficulty starting or stopping urination, blood in urine, and pelvic pain. If you experience any of these, it's crucial to seek professional advice for a comprehensive evaluation. 

Before your consultation, gather information about your medical history, current medications, and any relevant symptoms. Be prepared to discuss your lifestyle, diet, and any concerns you may have. This helps our specialists tailor their approach to your unique situation. 

Our diagnostic expertise spans a range of services, including physical examinations, blood tests, PSA tests, urine diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, and cystoscopies. These help us meticulously assess and identify the root cause of various urological conditions. 

The London Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments, including minimally invasive procedures like UroLift and Rezūm for enlarged prostate, prostate brachytherapy for localised prostate cancer, and surgical interventions such as TURP for prostate issues. Your personalised treatment plan will be discussed thoroughly with our expert consultants. 

At The London Clinic, we prioritise timely care. Upon diagnosis, our streamlined referral process ensures that you can access the necessary treatments promptly.  

Yes, you can. We have a new walk-in GP service in partnership with Doctorcall and MyHealthcare Clinic available in the Rapid Diagnostics Centre. Although you can walk in and book at our reception, we advise that you call us first on 02076167693 to ensure we can fulfil your requirements.  

At your appointment the GP will order any necessary diagnostics or blood tests. You will then receive the results via phone or in-person at the clinic within 72 hours, and if needed, the GP will refer you to a consultant working at The London Clinic for further evaluation or treatment.


When we say personalised health care, we mean it

We offer a wide range of treatments and diagnostic tests to support all concerns. So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.