The Rapid Diagnostics Centre

Situated in the building which was once home to King George VI’s famous speech therapist Lionel Logue, the Rapid Diagnostics Centre in Harley Street is at the heart of The London Clinic’s pioneering diagnostics offering.


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The new Rapid Diagnostics Centre is home to four key specialties: Breast, Urology, Gynaecology and Dermatology, each with a dedicated floor, as well as The London Clinic’s health screening service.

With advanced medical technology and world-class specialists on hand, this state-of-the-art facility allows us to see more patients and treat them faster. Plus, our dedicated care co-ordinators streamline each patient’s journey from diagnosis to potential treatment.

Early diagnosis is the key to recovery. So, whether you’re concerned about an unexplained lump, have pain or swelling which requires investigation or have family history of medical issues, we endeavour to get you in front of a doctor or consultant within 48 hours.  

With nearly 100 years of private hospital experience behind us, you can rest assured, knowing that at The London Clinic, you’re in the best place.

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Starting your diagnostic journey

Whether you suspect something is wrong or just want a check-up, waiting can be the worst part. Our Rapid Diagnostics Centre, with state-of-the-art equipment, world-class consultants and designated pathway coordinators, allows for more people to be seen quicker. In the space of one morning or afternoon, patients can see a consultant, go for imaging and tests, and even have a same-day biopsy if required.

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Call us to book

Get started by giving us a call on 02076167693 or filling out our online web form. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in finding the most appropriate care. 

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Diagnostic consultation

Your first appointment is an opportunity for our experts to gain a thorough understanding of your concerns. They will conduct an initial evaluation and if necessary, recommend tests.

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Fast, accurate diagnosis

If diagnostic tests are required, expect swift and accurate results in 72 hours from our world-class consultants, who have access to cutting-edge diagnostic machines. 

Need a GP appointment?

We are the only private hospital to offer the public 24/7, same-day access to a GP, 365 days a year. So if you would like to see a GP first to discuss your health concerns then please call us today. We offer appointments by phone, via videocall, in person at our Harley Street Clinic or at your home.


Find out more

Find out more about our Rapid Diagnostics Centre

We understand the importance of early detection, which is why we have launched our new Rapid Diagnostics Centre which offers patients access to life-changing screening and testing facilities, which can not only lead to faster diagnosis, but better outcomes too.

Support from start to finish

Our care co-ordinators are there to guide you through the process of diagnosis. They’ll be on hand at every stage for any questions you may have and once you leave The London Clinic, you’ll receive personalised follow-up care.

All out-patients are given a direct 24/7 support phone number for any follow-up questions or concerns, and clinical psychologists are on hand to support throughout the process. We also provide access to an affordable in-house physio team if required.

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We’re thrilled to have opened a dedicated Rapid Diagnostics Centre, right in Harley Street's renowned medical district, where expert Consultants run one-stop clinics to help people get the answers they’re searching for in hours or days, not weeks or months.
Sophie Auld, Chief Operating Officer

Spread the cost of diagnostics

As a patient of The London Clinic, you can take advantage of 0% finance through our trusted partner, Chrysalis. You can apply for a payment plan once you receive a quote from us in three simple steps: 

  1.  Calculate your monthly repayments using our calculator 
  2.  Check your eligibility with Chrysalis payment plan 
  3.  Complete your credit application directly with Chrysalis

Be seen your way with our 24/7 private GP service

Your health concerns don’t keep to working hours, so neither do we. The London Clinic is the only private hospital to offer the public 24/7, same-day access to a GP, 365 days a year. You can book in quickly with an experienced private GP by phone, via videocall, in person at our Harley Street clinic or in the comfort of your own home. The choice is yours. You’ll usually be seen within 2 hours, so you can feel better, faster.

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Our other specialities

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Want to know more?

142 - 146 doors

We are located in the heart of Harley Street.

The Rapid Diagnostics Centre

 142-146 Harley Street



The London Clinic estate across Harley Street covers a broad spectrum of diagnostic specialities, including Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Breast, Urology, and Gynaecology, with integrated cancer screenings across all areas. Specifically, the Rapid Diagnostic Centre houses dedicated diagnostic clinics for Urology, Gynaecology, Breast, and Dermatology, providing expedited and precise diagnostic services to address diverse health needs. 

While cancer diagnostics are a key focus, our aim is early detection and rapid diagnosis for all potentially life-threatening health concerns. This facilitates swift access to the right consultants and departments, so patients are diagnosed and treated faster, for a quicker recovery.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, you can contact our customer service team by calling 02076167693 or via our online web form. Our team will assist in booking you in with a specialty consultant based on your health concern. The consultant will order diagnostic tests on the same day, and you can undergo the tests within 48 hours. Results will be available within 48 hours (depending on specialty and range of tests), and the consultant will provide you with the results, discuss next steps, and if needed, arrange further procedures or treatments within The London Clinic.

If you are proactive about your health or have a history of family health concerns, you can choose a Health Assessment package or one of our self-pay screening packages. Simply call us on 02076167693 to talk to a GP who will advise on the most suitable diagnostic package and, if required, order diagnostic tests. The tests will be completed within 5 working days and the GP will provide you with the results. If a diagnostic package is not suitable for you, the GP or consultant will talk you through the best next steps. 

Yes, you can. We have a new walk-in GP service in partnership with Doctorcall and MyHealthcare Clinic available in the Rapid Diagnostic Centre. Although you can walk in and book at our reception, we advise that you call us first on 02076167693 to ensure we can fulfil your requirements.  

At your appointment the GP will order any necessary diagnostics or blood tests. You will then receive the results via phone or in-person at the clinic within 48 hours, and if needed, the GP will refer you to a consultant working at The London Clinic for further evaluation or treatment. 

The London Clinic has a remarkable history dating back over a century. Founded by visionary doctors as a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to advance healthcare for patients and the community, we proudly uphold this tradition.

We do not have stakeholders, which allows us to reinvest any surplus into continually improving patient care. We channel these funds into various initiatives, including upgrading our facilities to ensure we offer the most advanced and effective care. We are committed to nurturing our healthcare professionals and equipping our clinical teams with the latest knowledge, to provide our patients with the highest standards of care.

By choosing The London Clinic for your health assessments, you're not just prioritising your well-being, you're also supporting a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to delivering exceptional quality care and well-being support for people.

Proud to be a charity

Since 1935, we’ve been committed to reinvesting any extra income we make to continually improve health outcomes – for our patients and for the wider community. The Rapid Diagnostics Centre is the first step in our plans to transform our hospital to support more patients, regardless of means. That includes supporting the NHS, to help tackle healthcare inequalities. We’re ready to lead by example, using our resources and expertise to support the national cancer challenge and providing urgent and innovative solutions to: 

  1.  Education. Improving prevention within communities.
  2.  Access. To outpatient services and same-day diagnostics. 
  3.  Innovation. Supporting research to combat cancer.
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When we say personalised health care, we mean it

We offer a wide range of treatments and diagnostic tests to support all concerns. So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.