Quality standards at The London Clinic

Our reputation has been built on both the exceptional levels of our medical expertise and devotion to our patients’ comfort and wellbeing for over 90 years.

We focus on combining the warmth of individual patient care with internationally acclaimed medical, surgical and technical expertise delivered by the highest calibre consultants and staff.

Our enviable nurse-to-patient ratio ensures we can provide personal, responsive care at all times.

Whether you are a day care patient, an inpatient or a visitor, you can be confident that our sensitive and approachable staff will treat you with respect, consideration and offer advice or reassurance.

How The London Clinic is regulated

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in accordance with the Health and Social Care act 2008 and the hospital is regularly inspected to ensure we meet the relevant standards. 

The Care Quality Commission is responsible for monitoring the performance of all NHS and independent healthcare organisations across England and Wales. 

Care Quality Commission Report

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a detailed routine inspection of all of our services on 22 - 24 November and 1 December 2016. 

The highlights from the CQC report were:

  • End of life (palliative) care for patients is described as, and rated as “Outstanding”
  • Our new Intensive Care Unit is referred to in the 'Outstanding Practice' area of the report
  • All of our employees were very welcoming, helpful, friendly and they are very proud to be part of The London Clinic
  • Positive feedback from patients often including the words “exceptional”, “amazing” and "they make you feel safe"
  • Our caring approach is consistently described as “outstanding” 
  • Our patient rooms were cleaned well and our housekeeping team are mentioned several times as being unobtrusive and kind
  • Bare below the elbow guidelines in patient rooms were consistently adhered to
  • Employees routinely went above and beyond what was expected
  • The expertise provided by our Clinical Nurse Specialists is praised
  • Compassionate care is shown by the porters, receptionists, catering and clinical teams
  • A high level of respect and an open and non-blame culture across the Clinic
  • Interpreters and our International Office are praised for the support they offer patients.

View the CQC's latest inspection report for The London Clinic.