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At The London Clinic we’re proud to be a charity. Since 1935, we’ve been committed to reinvesting any extra income we make to continually improve health outcomes – for our patients and for the wider community.

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What we invest in

We work in partnership to advance medical knowledge and clinical excellence and to share best practice worldwide.

We invest in three important areas:

  • improving patient care
  • research and innovation
  • education and training.

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Patient care

We want to improve the lives of patients beyond their treatment and we’re always looking for ways to do better and strengthen the care we deliver.

We reinvest whatever surplus we make to advance healthcare, shaping the future and improving outcomes for every patient. In doing so, we can often benefit others, through innovations, expertise, and new ways of delivering exceptional medical care.

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How your donations help patient care

We provide free accommodation for families, so they can be with a terminally ill family member during their final days. Our palliative care service was rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission during our last inspection.

We’re committed to supporting our patients living with cancer beyond their immediate treatment. The London Clinic has been awarded 5 stars by Macmillan Cancer Support for providing a high quality environment for patient care.

We believe exceptional care means making a patient’s stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. We aim to look after every detail; offering à la carte dining, patient entertainment and healing through our art and music programme, bringing musicians to play live on site and, on request, in our patient’s rooms.

Our Moving On programme, which helps patients transition from cancer to recovery after their treatment, includes complementary therapists, counsellors, dieticians, and chefs - all provided at no additional cost.

Our investment in innovation benefits patient care beyond our hospital. We work with our consultants to identify where our cutting-edge da Vinci Robot has spare capacity so we can provide it to University College London Hospital. This helps reduce waiting times so patients can get treatment faster.

Research and innovation

We invest in life-changing research and pioneering treatments that advance medical care: for our patients, for the wider NHS and worldwide. We believe in bringing great thinking together and our Clinical Research Centre team works with world-class clinicians, hospitals, universities, and charities to explore new treatments and push medical research forward. Our research and investment in technical innovation mean we can test and develop ground-breaking new equipment that informs healthcare for the future.

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How your donations help research and innovation

We are the largest stem cell collection centre in Europe.

Working with charities such as Anthony Nolan, and blood cancer charity, DKMS we collect over 700 stem cell donations a year and safely store them until needed by patients around the world.

We work with leading clinicians to develop and expand access to the latest treatments.

In 2018 we became the only independent hospital to offer Adaptive Radiotherapy for treating bladder cancer.

We’re also the only independent hospital research centre in the UK to support clinical trials for a brain tumour treatment using Inter-Operative Radiotherapy to deliver high dose radiotherapy alongside surgical treatment.

Our Clinical Research Centre works with consultants to explore new areas, develop new techniques and advance healthcare.

We have experts helping to study the causes and impact of dementia, exploring the impact of running marathons on hips and providing high-resolution images for liver, chest and breast cancer studies amongst others.

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Training and education

We promote and encourage medical excellence by investing in the careers of the health professionals who deliver care. We provide pioneering training, offer work placements and support research for our own staff as well as for doctors and nurses studying and working elsewhere – helping them to build their skills and achieve their career ambitions.

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How your donations help for training and education

We support our Fellows who are studying to become consultants by funding their research and consumable fees. This provides doctors with different types of experiences as well as an alternative route to progressing solely through the NHS.

We regularly fund high-level degree courses for clinical and non-clinical colleagues. As well as helping their career development, this also helps our teams to provide advanced, quality care for patients.

We work with the NHS and local universities to offer work placements to GPs as well as students studying radiography, physiotherapy and nursing.

Ways to support us

Giving a gift to The London Clinic means that you can help us save and improve the lives of others. The financial support we receive helps us to continue to advance healthcare through improved patient care, innovation, research, education and training.

You can support the work of The London Clinic to help save and improve the lives of others by leaving a gift to The London Clinic in your will.

We’ve produced a brochure to tell you everything you need to know about The London Clinic’s approach to legacies. To request a copy get in touch with us below.

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Give a gift that can help us save and improve lives in honour, memory or support of someone.

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Our promise

Our charity is funded through a mix of revenue from delivering patient services and donations.

The administrative cost of our fundraising activity is covered by income from our hospital.

100% of any donation that you make will be used to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

For donations made by credit or debit card, our payment processor takes a small percentage processing fee.

Thank you for supporting us.

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