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Donna’s story: Accessing private health care at the Rapid Diagnostics Centre for faster breast screening

16 Apr 2024
Patient with a diagnostic mammogram in the background and a nurse supporting the patient

The London Clinic is one of only a handful of independent hospitals that operates as a charity. This means all our proceeds are re-invested back into the hospital, to advance healthcare for the benefit of our patients and the wider community.

In February 2024, we opened the Rapid Diagnostics Centre which has allowed us to support underserved communities by providing 225 NHS patient appointments within the first month. In addition, we have hosted community health pop-up events across London; providing resources, answering queries, and facilitating referrals for diagnostic testing.  

We spoke to Donna, a priest based in London, who found out about our charitable work through a free community health event.

Donna's story

"Discovering that they were extending their services to offer free appointments for those typically excluded from private healthcare was an immense relief for me. Given that there have been breast cancer concerns in my family, the prospect of delayed access to NHS appointments was disconcerting.

Navigating the appointment booking process with The London Clinic proved to be refreshingly straightforward, accompanied by unwavering kindness at every juncture.

Despite my initial concerns about potentially feeling like a burden due to the complimentary nature of the service, I was consistently treated with respect and patience. The guidance provided during the process was comprehensive, and the quality of care delivered was truly exceptional.

Post-appointment, I received clear information about the expected timeline for my results and reassuring assurances that The London Clinic's staff would maintain contact. Thankfully all my results came back as normal and the anxiety I felt around the issue has greatly reduced.

As someone who works closely with the community I know this offering is desperately needed, people from all walks of life are currently struggling to access healthcare and are stuck on long waiting lists. Many of the communities I work directly with have had bad experiences with healthcare professionals and bodies and this has made them wary of seeking help.  

However, I firmly believe that the professionalism and compassion demonstrated by The London Clinic have the potential to reshape these perceptions positively, fostering a renewed trust in seeking healthcare support."

The Rapid Diagnostics Centre at The London Clinic

Getting people back to the life they love, through access to quick appointments, diagnostics and treatments, is at the heart of what we do here at The London Clinic.

Find out more about our charity and what we do here.

The new Rapid Diagnostics Centre is home to four key specialties: Breast, Urology, Gynaecology and Dermatology, each with a dedicated floor, as well as The London Clinic’s health screening service. 

With advanced medical technology and world-class specialists on hand, this state-of-the-art facility allows us to see more patients and treat them faster. Plus, our dedicated care co-ordinators streamline each patient’s journey from diagnosis to potential treatment.


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