The London Clinic Research Centre

Established in 2011, The Clinical Research Centre (CRC) is the onsite Clinical Trials department at The London Clinic and is dedicated to researching the latest treatments.


The London Clinic Research Centre

The CRC is responsible for managing and running clinical trials, as well as other forms of research taking place at The London Clinic. 

Clinical trials are research studies that people take part in to help figure out if a medicine, surgical procedure or behavioural intervention can benefit patients' lives and improve their health.

Over the past two years, the CRC has successfully enrolled over 200 patients to a range of clinical trials including:

  • oncology (cancer)
  • orthopaedics (bones, joints and muscles)
  • gastroenterology (stomach and intestines)

The London Clinic’s aim is to ensure our patients have access to a wide range of treatment choices, including new therapies that may not be available anywhere else.

The London Clinic is more than a hospital, and we invest in improving patients' lives beyond treatment. 

The Clinical Research Centre strives to help bring patients the newest, most innovative treatments.

The CRC also provides a range of services to leading clinical research organisations. We work closely with the BARTS Hospital, Imperial University, Moorfields, AstraZeneca, Kuros Biosciences, Ablative solutions and ReCor Medical.

Research colleagues looking at computer screen

Clinical trials at The London Clinic

Our primary clinical trial studies include:

We have 4 trials currently working with new devices on the market to establish their efficiency with lowering blood pressure of patients that have exhausted all other avenues to stabilise their blood pressure.

A randomised study to evaluate the use of a certain medication that is used to treat asthma.

Trials involving knee replacements and MRI scans to evaluate the effect of running exercises and marathon training on joints, focusing especially on the knee and hip joints.

We are also heavily involved in the Pancreatic Tissue Bank and the Cancer Tissue Bank. With permission, we collect tissue and blood samples from patients that have cancer to establish new treatments and diagnosing techniques.

How to join a clinical trial at The London Clinic

The London Clinic has a range of trials taking place. In order to be recruited onto these trials, your consultant will discuss the trial with you and give you time to decide whether you want to participate or not.For the research tissue banks, the consultant and consultant specialist nurses will give you a brief introduction on the trials. The tissue bank officers will then come to meet you and discuss the tissue banks in more detail and answer any questions you may have. If patients agree to participate they will be consented to the tissue bank.

The London Clinic also hosts some clinical trials that are being recruited at other sites. In this instance, patients will be referred to The London Clinic for procedure and scans.

Find out more about trials and tissue banks here:

Blood pressure trial data publication 

Blood pressure trial medical report

Cancer tissue banks

Meet our Clinical Research Centre team

Hemant Kocher – Clinical Research Lead

Hemant is an internationally renowned surgeon-scientist with nearly 30 years of experience in clinical care and biomedical research. 

He’s led the development of research on the cellular biology of pancreatic cancer, clinical trials and tissue banking at a national and international level.

He’s chair and member of a number of national and international panels focusing on healthcare delivery, biomedical research, clinical trials, patient care and participation. 

He also has a number of governance roles in the NHS and at UK universities. 

Hemant provides excellent clinical leadership to research at The London Clinic.

Professor Hemant Kocher.

Christine Topham – Clinical Trial Manager

Christine oversees the operation of The London Clinic Research Centre. 

This includes the management and support of all research studies and personnel involved in sponsored and hosted trials, from feasibility through to completion. 

This ensures all research is delivered on time, of a high quality and conforms with agreed protocols, clinical trial regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies.

Christine is a registered nurse with 20 years of clinical research experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas and development phases. 

This includes first-hand experience of first-in-man, safety and tolerability and bioavailability studies, as well as medical devices. 

Christine also has experience in clinical trial project management and monitoring.

Christine Topham

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