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The London Clinic


  • Orthopaedics

Sub specialties

  • Shoulder: Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder impingement surgery
  • Stabilisation surgery for dislocations
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Revision complex surgery
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  • PRP injections to the shoulder
  • Wrist: Arthroscopic TFCC repair
  • Wrist ligament reconstruction
  • Scaphoid fracture management
  • Hand: Carpal tunnel surgery
  • Dupuytrens contracture surgery
  • Thumb joint replacement and trapeziectomy
  • Rheumatoid hand Surgery
  • All Sports injury surgery of the upper limb
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Clinical interests

  • Arthroscopic surgery and Arthroplasty

Professional profile

Mr Rajeev Sharma is a highly experienced senior Orthopaedic Surgeon with sub specialisation in upper limb surgery. He has extensively trained in the USA with Fellowships at Louisville and Grand Rapids. In the UK he also finished his Fellowship in the Derby Unit and has completed his Orthopaedic training from the University of Leicester as a Lecturer. He now holds and honorary post as a senior lecturer at the Imperial College London. He is also a current National Examiner for the FRCS Orthopaedic Examinations for the combined Royal Colleges.

Mr Sharma's main interests are arthroscopic surgery of the entire upper limb. His is vastly experienced in joint replacements of the shoulder, elbow and hand. He routinely manages complex sports injuries of the entire upper limbs and is well versed with the latest modalities of treatments available.

He lectures frequently on innovations in Medicine and the future directions of healthcare. Mr Sharma has assisted young and budding entrepreneurs in healthcare with advise and mentoring.

Personal profile

Mr Sharma enjoys following rugby, cricket, boxing and recently sumo wrestling after being introduced to it in Japan. He claims to be ‘terrible’ at golf and also boasts of being a self-proclaimed chef on occasions, even though those who have tried his cooking may not entirely agree.

He lives in North London with his family and enjoys travelling when time allows.

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Interview with Mr Rajeev Sharma: sports injury of the shoulder
Mr Sharma discusses the major procedure of professional boxer, David Hayes.


Current posts

  • Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
    East and North Herts NHS Trust
  • Deputy Program Director, Orhopaedics
    Imperial College, London

Current teaching posts

  • Hon Senior Lecturer Orthopaedics
    Imperial College, London

Medical training

Year qualified
  • MGM Medical College

Other languages spoken

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Clinic location

5 Devonshire Place
London W1G 6HL
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Clinic times

Thursday: Thursday 8am until 1 pm

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