Shoulder replacement

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body, but arthritis and injury can make it painful and stiff.


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What is it for?

Treatment to remove the damaged part of the joint and replace it with specially-designed components

Treatment overview

The London Clinic’s highly-skilled orthopaedic surgeons have access to the latest diagnostic tests and state-of-the-art operating facilities.

Following surgery, the expert physiotherapy team will support your shoulder’s healthy rehabilitation using advanced evidence-based therapies.

Our experienced orthopaedic surgeons will assess and advise you in The London Clinic’s comfortable and well-equipped consulting rooms.

They will take a detailed medical history, examine your shoulder, and ask about the impact your symptoms have on your wellbeing and function.

Your consultant may arrange tests and investigations in the cutting-edge imaging suite. These may include:

  • Shoulder X-ray
  • MRI scanning.

In consultation with you, they will then plan your admission for shoulder replacement and advise you about any preparation.

They will take the time to answer all your questions and address any concerns.

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Choosing The London Clinic means your treatment plan will be laid out for you, with all the details taken care of so you can focus on you.


Your treatment package will include:

  • Enhanced pre-admission assessment
  • Your treatment with our complete care team at your fingertips
  • Personalised aftercare and follow-up

We want you to be in control of your health. That’s why we also offer optional services such as comprehensive recovery packages and extra touches for you to choose from during your stay with us.

How to pay

  • You can use private medical insurance (PMI) to access this treatment. We work with all major PMI providers in the UK and many internationally
  • You can pay for yourself (self-pay)
  • If you’re paying for yourself, we have finance options available with Chrysalis


Shoulder replacement is surgery to remove the damaged part of the joint and replace it with specially-designed components. 

The shoulder is a joint made up of a ball and a socket. During a total shoulder replacement, the surgeon replaces the head of the humerus and the socket with high tech prosthetic devices made of metal and plastic.

However, if the socket is healthy, the surgeon will only replace the ball at the top of the humerus.

Shoulder replacement is a highly-technical, open operation that requires specialist skills.

The London Clinic has orthopaedic surgeons with extensive experience and expertise in replacing shoulders and supporting your healthy recovery.

Not everyone with shoulder problems needs joint replacement. The right surgery for your shoulder will depend on your specific problem, the way it impacts on your life and your general health and fitness.

Shoulder replacement can help people with severe shoulder damage that is causing pain and restricting movement.

Arthritis can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the shoulder. It develops because of injuries, wear and tear, or inflammatory diseases. 

Shoulder arthritis can be distressing and disabling and can reduce your quality of life.

The London Clinic provides specialist assessment and diagnosis of shoulder problems and a comprehensive range of treatments to reduce pain and restore function. 

Following your surgery, The London Clinic's staff will provide support, assess your progress, and give you a bespoke rehabilitation plan.

The nerve block will reduce pain for the first 24 hours; after this, the staff on the ward will give you painkillers to keep you comfortable.

Your shoulder will be swollen, sore, and stiff for several weeks. Applying icepacks and taking regular analgesia painkillers can reduce swelling and ease any discomfort. 

You will be given a sling to rest and support your arm. You will need to wear it for three weeks, or as instructed by your surgeon.

The London Clinic's specialist physiotherapy team will give you a bespoke programme of exercises to help you regain strength, fitness, and mobility. 

The London Clinic has a state-of-the-art physiotherapy suite, including a gym and a hydrotherapy pool.

The rehabilitation team can use the Biodex isokinetic machine to assess your muscle strength and monitor progress.

They will also provide an exercise plan to follow at home, which will take account of your ability, your surroundings, and any equipment you might have available.

The London Clinic team will always be on hand if you have any questions, problems or worries.

The London Clinic offers many treatments and surgical procedures designed to improve movement and flexibility in the shoulder joint. 

For many individuals, specialist physiotherapy, modification of movements and steroid injections can postpone or prevent the need for surgical intervention.

The orthopaedic surgeons can also perform:

Shoulder arthroscopy

Through small incisions in the skin, your surgeon will introduce delicate surgical instruments and a tiny camera that relays detailed images of the joint to a computer screen. Through the arthroscope, the orthopaedic consultant can make a diagnosis and operate to resolve many shoulder problems. 

Arthroscopic release of frozen shoulder

Minimally-invasive surgery in which the consultant cuts through the adhesions that are restricting joint mobility.

Arthroscopic removal of bony spurs

Spurs are bony growths that can develop because of osteoarthritis. They cause pain, stiffness, numbness and pins and needles.

Your surgeon can shave the lumps away during arthroscopy, opening up the joint space and decreasing discomfort.

The London Clinic offers thorough assessment and investigation of your shoulder so that you can access the best treatment to resolve your symptoms.

There are risks with any surgical procedure. The London Clinic is dedicated to reducing complications and helping your recovery.

Problems with pain, bleeding, scarring, blood clots, and infection can happen after any operation.

Specific issues with shoulder replacement are uncommon but include nerve injury, failure of the prosthesis, dislocation, joint infection and recurrence of symptoms requiring revision surgery.

Speak to your surgeon if you have any concerns. They will always take time to discuss the pros and cons of the procedure and answer any questions. 


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