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Haemorrhoids, or piles as they are also known, are swellings that are a result of enlarged and distended blood vessels and veins around your anus and rectum. Haemorrhoids are common in pregnant women, older people, and in people who are constipated for prolonged periods of time. The condition can also be hereditary.

For the majority of people, haemorrhoids are mild and there aren’t any symptoms. In more severe cases, you may experience:

  • Bright red blood in your stool
  • Itchiness, soreness or inflammation around the anus
  • mucus discharge after passing a stool 
  • a prolapse where the pile has moved, protruding outside of the anus and may need to be pushed back after passing a stool

Causes of haemorrhoids

There are a few factors that can contribute to haemorrhoid including:

  • Constipation for prolonged periods especially if you strain when you passing stools, causing pressure to build up in the blood vessels around your anus and cause them to swell.  This may be due to lack of fibre in your diet
  • being overweight
  • being  pregnant
  • being over 50 years of age
  • regularly lifting heavy objects  
  • have a family history of haemorrhoids

Most cases of haemorrhoids (piles) are mild and the symptoms often disappear naturally after a few days.  At The London Clinic, we treat haemorrhoids according to their severity from topical medications, dietary recommendations to surgery for more severe cases.

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