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Since 1932, The London Clinic has been providing patients with the highest standards of treatment.

In that time, we’ve learnt a great deal about what we believe are the best ways to look after patients and make sure each person gets the care they need.

The guiding principle of The London Clinic has always been to deliver exceptional patient care. This was the focus in 1932 when the Clinic opened and it has remained the ethos we have followed for the past 85 years.

Our charity status

As an independent hospital we make investment in our facilities and staff a major priority. The charitable status of The London Clinic means that our surpluses are reinvested back into the hospital and our journey since 1932 has seen significant expansion and development. 

The right people

It has always been the principle of The London Clinic that the consultants who practise here are of the highest calibre. Most are specialists who are recognised as the world authority on a particular disease or treatment. Our dedicated, passionate clinical and non-clinical staff provide support for our leading consultants and unrivalled care for our patients. 

Our history

In 1928, a group of leading medical specialists got together to plan the establishment of a new nursing home. This was to be created using the highest possible specifications then known in terms of medical and building standards.  These were the early origins of The London Clinic, a hospital that over the next 85 years would become the vibrant organisation we know today.


The opening

The opening of The London Clinic was performed by the Duchess of York, accompanied by the Duke of York (later King George VI) on 18th February 1932.


An early view of The London Clinic

An early drawing of The London Clinic, as viewed from Marylebone Road.


The kitchens at The London Clinic

Offering a new approach to hospital care, with hotel services standards.


Nurses on duty

Nurses on the busy maternity ward at The London Clinic.


An early patient bedroom

Offering privacy and comfort with south-facing views away from the traffic noise of Marylebone Road.


A visit by Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill leaving The London Clinic after visiting Anthony Eden (later Lord Avon) on 10 May 1949.


Elizabeth Taylor leaves The London Clinic

Elizabeth Taylor leaves The London Clinic with her knee in a splint after taking a fall on a film set.


HRH Prince Charles

HRH Prince Charles opens the physiotherapy department at The London Clinic.


HRH Princess Margaret

The MRI unit in the radiology department is opened by HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.


Martine McCutcheon at The London Clinic

TV star Martine McCutcheon opens the latest development at 119 Harley Street.


New consulting room suites

Nigel Havers opens the new consulting room suites at 145 Harley Street.


New consulting rooms

The Duchess of Devonshire at the official opening of the new consulting room building at 5 Devonshire Place.


Everest expedition

Members of staff at The London Clinic join the Xtreme Everest expedition.


Opening of new consulting rooms and pathology dept

Joanna Lumley opens the consulting rooms and pathology laboratory at 116 and 120 Harley Street.


Opening of The Duchess of Devonshire Wing

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opens the new, purpose built, state-of-the-art cancer facility at 22 Devonshire Place.


The Duchess of Devonshire Wing

The new, purpose built, state-of-the-art cancer facility at 22 Devonshire Place.


New Eye Centre at 119 Harley St

HRH Princess Alexandra opens the new Eye Centre at 119 Harley Street, greeted by Professor Robin Williamson.


The Queen's Award


Xtreme Everest 2 Expedition

Members of staff at The London Clinic join the Xtreme Everest 2 expedition, continuing their investigations of human adaptation to hypoxia at high altitude.


New ICU at 20 Devonshire Place

HRH Duchess of Cornwall opens our new state-of-the-art 13 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), at 20 Devonshire Place. Here she is shown meeting Afonso Varela, our Manager of the Intensive Care Unit.

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