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Patient TestimonIal: Laurence Vallaeys

Laurence Vallaeys tells how she recovered from a bilateral hip replacement and the support she received from the Physiotherapy team. 

“I had a bilateral hip replacement at The London Clinic in a procedure that lasted about four hours. I wish I’d gone ahead with the procedure earlier.

"The day after my procedure I was able to walk with the support of the physiotherapy team and six weeks post surgery I was back trotting and cantering on my horse as normal - just incredible! 

“All of the staff involved in my treatment have been fantastic. They treated me like there was no one else on the ward, just me. They were kind, attentive, just lovely. 

"When I had a bit of a wobble the day after the operation - my right leg felt shorter than the left - the ward sister jumped to attention, rang my wonderful surgeon Professor Cobb and did everything to reassure. 

"And of course everything was fine. They could have dismissed my panic but they heard me, and took it seriously, investigated and did everything to put my mind at rest. 

All of the staff involved in my treatment have been fantastic. They treated me like there was no one else on the ward, just me.
Laurence Vallaeys,Patient

“To exercise daily under the guidance of the kind aquatic therapy team was just heaven and it was a huge contributor to my quick recovery. Every time I had a water session, I could definitely feel my muscles getting stronger and more supple. 

“Davide Lanfranco, my physiotherapist, was so encouraging, calming and attentive - the hour would fly by and I could physically feel the progress after every session. He gave me a few simple exercises to do at home and I still do them - they are easy and make a huge difference.  

“Five months in and sometimes I forget I’ve had my hips done - everything feels so normal.”

Laurence Vallaeys on her horse


Patient TestimonIal: Alexandra Rankin

Alexandra Rankin, a double hip transplant patient, spoke to us eight months after her procedure.

“I first came to The London Clinic to have a consultation about the severe pain I was having in both my hips. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which was unsurprising as it runs in the family, and was advised that a double hip replacement was the best option for me.

"This was carried out at the end of October 2018, and I started my physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment the very next day.

The care has been excellent and very positive, and has given me my dignity back.
Alexandra Rankin,Patient

“I’m incredibly grateful for the care I’ve had at The London Clinic, it’s been excellent and very positive, and has given me my dignity back.

"As a result of my procedure and post-operative care, I can now walk a lot further than before and have so much more mobility.


"I also don’t have the pain anymore and I sleep so much better. In April, I even went skiing which was amazing and has really boosted my confidence.”

Davide Lanfranco, Physiotherapist at The London Clinic said: “Working with Alexandra has been rewarding because she was really committed to her recovery.

"I am not surprised she obtained amazing results and I am glad she is fully back to all her activities.”

Patient TestimonIal: Maung Aung Htun, (M. A Htun)

Speaking after a month of intensive physiotherapy treatment, Aung said:

"I spent some time as a patient at The London Clinic a year ago, and during the recovery period, I was introduced to the Physiotherapy Inpatient team who showed me there could be a huge amount of benefit to a regular program of strengthening for me.  


I only have good things to say. They’ve been very encouraging and patient with me.
Maung Aung Htun, (M. A Htun)Patient

"As a result, I have come back to London this Spring to work with the Physiotherapy team there as an outpatient, both in the gym, and in their hydrotherapy pool.

“The physiotherapy has been hugely beneficial for me. I’ve noticed a lot of small but important improvements, making day-to-day activities easier. For example, I can bend more and squat and lift easier. I can also lift my foot a little – whereas I couldn’t do that before.”

Davide Lanfranco, Physiotherapist at The London Clinic said: “It’s been privilege to work with someone like Aung who likes exercising and wants to push himself. We develop tailored exercise programmes for all our patients, including Aung, according to their condition, motivation and goals.”

Maung Aung Htun receiving treatment from David Lanfranco

Speaking of the treatment he’s received, Aung added: “I only have good things to say. They’ve been very encouraging and patient with me. They’ve pushed me - in a very positive way and only as hard as I want to go. 

“It’s been a pleasure, a lot of hard work but fun. The team have also kindly allowed me to film some of the sessions so I can continue my progress when I return home to Bangkok.”

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