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New pioneering proton therapy partnership with Advanced Oncotherapy

11 Feb 2020

The London Clinic has introduced a next-generation proton therapy system to Harley Street.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was agreed on 11 February 2020 for The London Clinic to operate Advanced Oncotherapy’s first commercial LIGHT facility - the next-generation proton therapy system - on Harley Street.

The Duchess of Devonshire Wing

The London Clinic selected Advanced Oncotherapy as its partner not only because LIGHT’s reduced volume and modularity allows for implementation in existing clinical sites and densely populated areas where space is scarce, but also because Advanced Oncotherapy's LIGHT system has been designed to generate a smaller beam and therefore deliver more precise treatment.

Under the terms of the MoU, it is intended that Advanced Oncotherapy will provide the LIGHT proton accelerator and treatment room equipment, and The London Clinic will source and manage staffing, governance and other services necessary for the clinical operation of the facility. Advanced Oncotherapy and The London Clinic will receive a share of the profit generated by the centre. 

“Proton beam therapy is a very exciting new treatment but access has been limited due to the costs and size of equipment,” says Al Russell, Chief Executive Officer of The London Clinic. 

“Advanced Oncotherapy’s LIGHT system reduces size and cost, while providing the same high success rate for patients.

"We’re excited to be the first hospital in London to offer this new treatment. The new service will adjoin our main site on Harley Street and enable The London Clinic to help even more patients fight and survive cancer while furthering our aim of advancing healthcare.”

“We are delighted to announce that The London Clinic will now operate our Harley Street LIGHT facility, the agreement with Circle Health having lapsed,” says Nicolas Serandour, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Oncotherapy.

“The site is expected to allow us to treat a wide group of patients and help drive further awareness to proton beam therapy for the treatment of cancer.

"The London Clinic is one of the leading private cancer treatment hospitals in the UK and its decision to select our LIGHT system for proton beam therapy is a significant validation of our technology and capabilities.

"The proposed profit-sharing agreement with The London Clinic ensures that Advanced Oncotherapy retains an interest in the future success of the facility.”

Proton beam therapy supplements The London Clinic’s award-winning cancer services at the Duchess of Devonshire Wing, including:

  • Advanced diagnostic 3T MRI scanning 
  • Adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer
  • The use of hydrogel spacers to minimise the side effects of prostate cancer radiation therapy.

​The London Clinic, as part of its charitable purpose, also offers free-of-charge survivorship programmes for cancer patients.

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