Patients can access The London Clinic through many different ways, your treatment may be covered by your government (embassy), company, insurance company or you may wish to pay for your own treatment.

The International Office are here to assist you in arranging treatment at The London Clinic, and will be able to provide guidance throughout your time with us. 

International Government (Embassy) or Company Sponsored

We work with many different patients from all over the world who are sponsored by their governments or companies to receive medical treatment at The London Clinic.

Our international team can assist you with booking appointments with consultants and liaising with your representative office or embassy in London to confirm your medical cover, or organising direct admission to The London Clinic.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our consultants, organise a direct admission, please do contact the International office. In some cases we will require a medical report in order to assist us with finding you the most suitable consultant. These reports can be provided in any language which we will translate. 

We provide interpreters who will be there to assist you during your time at The London Clinic, from your initial consultation, admission, discharge and any follow-up appointments or requirements.

Your representative office or embassy will provide a Letter of Guarantee, also known as a Guarantee of Payment, which will cover your investigations or treatment at The London Clinic. It is very important that you bring these with you when you come to The London Clinic. 


Patients from all over the world come to The London Clinic for the best medical treatment, and if you do not have the medical insurance or are not covered for your requirements, you can pay for your own treatment.

The International office can assist you with booking appointments with some of the world’s leading consultants, assisting you with guide prices and packages and arranging your admission at The London Clinic.

For most cases we offer complimentary interpreters and language support during your stay at The London Clinic.

Paying for your own treatment

International insurance

The London Clinic works with many different medical insurance and medical assistance companies from all over the world who may cover your medical treatment with us.

To access treatment through your private medical insurance you will generally first need to obtain a referral from your GP. If required, we have a GP service at The London Clinic who will be able to assist you with any referral requirements.

The International office is here to assist and guide you with your enquiries from booking appointments with our GPs and consultants; assisting with admissions and liaising with your insurance company. For most cases we offer complimentary interpreters and language support during your stay at The London Clinic.


The London Clinic offers a comprehensive Second Medical Opinion service.

This provides peace of mind to those who have concerns or doubts about their current diagnosis, those who may be unhappy with the treatment recommended to them and want to explore further treatment options or those who simply have unanswered questions.

Second medical opinion service

Our International Office can help you get the authorisation you need for your treatment as an inpatient or outpatient.


A nurse with a patient

Facilitating acute admissions into The London Clinic whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety and care, supported by a consultant on-call rota.

Concierge service

Chauffeur loading suitcases into a luxury car

We can support our patients with travel, hotel accommodation, London tours, plus theatre and restaurant reservations.

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Main numbers

General enquiries: 020 7935 4444Appointments: 020 7616 7693Self-pay: 020 3219 3315

Other numbers

Concierge service: 020 3219 3323International office: 020 3 219 3266Invoice and payment enquiries: 020 7616 7708

Your call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Medical service numbers

Breast services appointments: 020 7616 7653 Diagnostics appointments: 020 7616 7653 Endoscopy appointments: 020 7616 7760 Eye centre appointments: 020 7616 7768 Haematology appointments: 020 7535 5503 Kidney services appointments: 020 7224 5234 Liver services appointments: 020 7616 7719 Physiotherapy appointments: 020 7616 7651 Radiology appointments: 020 7616 7653

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