Mr Nicholas Raison

Consultant Urological Surgeon and Associate Professor
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Mr Nicholas Raison is a consultant urological surgeon and associate professor at King’s College London. Alongside general urology, Mr Raison has a subspecialist expertise in treatment of all forms of bladder dysfunction including prostate problems, incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, recurrent urinary tract infections and neuro-urological disease.

Mr Raison offers a range of treatment options tailored to his patients including minimally invasive laser surgery and water vapor treatment (Rezum) for the prostate, incontinence surgery and bladder botox.

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Mr Raison is a consultant urological surgeon at The London Clinic and NHS King’s College Hospital and associate professor (clinical senior lecturer) at King’s College London. Mr Raison specialises in the treatment of benign bladder dysfunction and neuro-urological disease in addition to his general urological practice.

Mr Raison qualified from Imperial College School of Medicine then completed his surgical and specialist urological training in the prestigious London deanery. This was followed by a subspecialist fellowship at Guy’s Hospital, London.

In addition to his clinical training, Mr Raison a completed PhD at King’s College London; his final thesis was nominated for the outstanding thesis prize. Mr Raison has also completed postgraduate training in education leading to the fellowship of the higher education academy (FHEA). Mr Raison remains a highly active clinical researcher publishing widely in addition to regularly being invited to speak at national and international scientific meetings.

Mr Raison is an expert in the treatment of benign bladder dysfunction including prostate disease and incontinence. He also has a specialist interest in the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection and bladder pain. Additionally Mr Raison is highly experienced in the management of general urological conditions including the diagnosis and management of prostate and bladder cancer and the treatment kidney stone disease. Mr Raison offers a wide variety of minimally surgical options to tailor the treatment to his patients’ requirements.

More information

  • Qualified 2009
  • Imperial College School of Medicine 2003-2009
  • Honorary Consultant Urologist 
    King's College Hospital
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
    King's College London
  • Chair 
    European Association of Urology Working Group for Non Technical Skills Training
  • Surgical Sciences iBSc Course Lead 
    King's College London
  • Surgical & Interventional Technology MSc Module Lead 
    King's College London
  • Urology Simulation Training Lead 
    London Deanery
  • Academic Lead for Urology Speciality Training 
    South London
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  • The British Journal of Urology John Blandy Prize for the Best Research Paper
  • Alan Turing AI Visiting Researcher Fellowship

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