Mr Neil Barber

Consultant Urological Surgeon
BSc FRCS (Urol)
Neil is a consultant urological surgeon specialising in the treatment of Benign Prostate Enlargement using the latest minimally invasive techniques including Aquablation of the prostate using the Aquabeam system, Greenlight laser, Urolift, Rezum and iTIND. He is also a renal cancer specialist, using robotic techniques for removal of kidney tumours and obstructions with both the Da Vinci and Versius robot systems.
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Having been appointed as a Consultant Urological Surgeon to Frimley Park Hospital in 2005, Neil Barber is Clinical Lead for Urology at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust and Director of the Frimley Renal Cancer Centre and the Frimley Benign Prostate Clinical Research Centre.

Neil has a specialist interest in the treatment of Benign Prostate Enlargement using minimally invasive techniques and was the first surgeon to routinely offer Aquablation to patients in the UK, having been instrumental in the development of the technology in formal trials and its introduction to the NHS in 2019. He has treated some 300 patients and this year presented the 5 year study data of the WATER trials on the global stage. Neil introduced Greenlight laser prostatectomy to the UK in 2002 and more recently both Urolift in 2014 and iTIND in 2019 to the NHS and has been involved in all formal trials relating to new devices in the treatment of BPH over the last 15 years as well as acting as specialist advisor to NICE developing guidelines on plasma TURP, Greenlight laser, Urolift, Rezum and most recently iTIND. Beyond that, Neil has developed a specialist team in the delivery of surgical solutions for kidney disorders, primarily involving renal cancer but also other conditions of the upper urinary tract including PUJ obstruction using novel robotic techniques. Being director of that team now delivering the highest annual volume of robotic partial nephrectomies in the UK.

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5 Devonshire Place
London W1G 6HL

For kidney disorders, Neil has been performing advanced and complex robotic assisted surgery for over ten years using the Da Vinci robot and now the new Versius robot.

  • Clinical Lead for Urology
    Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Director of Frimley Renal Cancer Centre
    Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Irish Society of Urology, Registrar’s Medal 2003
  • The Everidge Prize in Urology 2004 
  • Year qualified 1990
  • Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School University of London 1987 - 1993

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Waterjet Ablation Therapy for Endoscopic Resection of prostate tissue trial (WATER) vs WATER II: comparing Aquablation therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia in 30-80 and 80-150 mL prostates

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Renal Function Loss After Cryoablation of Small Renal Masses in Solitary Kidneys: European Registry for Renal Cryoablation Multi-Institutional Study

Authors: Sriprasad S, Aldiwani M, Pandian S, Nielsen TK, Ismail M, Barber NJ, Lughezzani G, Larcher A, Lagerveld BW, Keeley FX Jr.
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A Simple Clinical Tool for Stratifying Risk of Clinically Significant CKD after Nephrectomy: Development and Multinational Validation

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5-year data sustain long-term effectiveness of Aquablation vs TURP in BPH

Authors: Gilling PJ, Barber N, Bidair M, et al
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Second generation of temporary implantable nitinol device (iTind) in men with LUTS: 2 year results of the MT-02-study

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Year: 2020
Published by: World Journal of Urology

With 3 children to keep him busy, Neil also loves to spend time swimming and getting out on the water in his boat. He loves spending time in Italy on family holidays to relax and enjoy good food and wine.

  • Urolift (including advanced applications
  • Robotic assisted partial nephrectomy
  • Robotic assisted radical nephrectomy
  • Robotic assisted pyeloplasty
  • Robotic assisted nephro-ureterectomy
  • Peno-scrotal disorders
  • Renal/ Kidney cancer


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