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Treating problems with the larynx, vocal cords and voice is a specialised area of ear, nose and throat specialists.  At The London Clinic, we offer treatment for all types of voice problems, including those experienced by professional singers and performers.
Specialists at The London Clinic are able to offer assessment and treatment for  abnormalities and dysfunction of the voice and larynx.

How we test for voice disorders

An assessment for voice problems is performed by appropriately trained speech therapists and ear, nose and throat experts who use special X-ray equipment to visualise the exact cause of the problem.

How we can help someone with a voice problem

Not all of the treatments that we offer are invasive. We investigate to see what the problem is first and then recommend the most appropriate treatment. For professional voice users we often identify something as simple as an infection, a cold or flu for example.
Many performers and other professionals such as teachers and lecturers continue to use their voices when they should take a break and rest them. Overuse can result in nodules, cysts and bleeds, which then may need a longer period of rest or interventional treatment in addition to rest to sort the issue out.

When vocal cord nodules are caused by using the voice incorrectly, these can recur even when removed by surgery. The cause is the underlying voice abuse and a more effective treatment is often to train the patient to use their vocal cords correctly in order to avoid further damage and nodule development.

Surgical options for vocal cord problems

Other types of vocal cord growths such as polyps or cancerous tumours need to be removed surgically. This may involve micro-laryngeal surgery, laser surgery, endoscopic techniques, robotic surgery with image guidance or open surgery. Whatever type of surgery you need, our ear, nose and throat consultants are at the forefront of their field and have access to the latest equipment and techniques.

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