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This surgery can be carried out by one of our experienced consultants.

Colposcopy is an investigation to examine and take biopsies from the neck of the womb. Colposcopy allows the world-leading gynaecologists at The London Clinic to carefully inspect your cervix, take samples for analysis, and perform innovative LLETZ treatment to remove pre-cancerous cells and prevent cervical cancer.

The consultants commonly recommend colposcopy for women who have had abnormal smear tests or are experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding. 

The London Clinic's gynaecology consultants perform colposcopy in the state-of-the-art suite, using the latest equipment and technology. The gynaecologists are assisted by an expert multidisciplinary team that will support you from your first consultation, during your procedure, and throughout your recovery. 

What is colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a commonly performed investigation to examine the surface of the cervix and take samples for analysis. Colposcopy provides information about your risk of cervical cancer and pre-cancer.

Your gynaecologist inserts a speculum and visualises the cervix using a microscope attached to a light. The expert gynaecologists at The London Clinic are highly-skilled in colposcopy. They can identify areas that appear abnormal, take biopsies, remove polyps, and perform LLETZ treatment for pre-cancerous cells in the neck of the womb.

What is LLETZ treatment?

LLETZ is an effective, minimally-invasive surgical procedure to treat pre-cancerous changes in the cervix. The London Clinic’s expert gynaecologists use LLETZ to remove abnormal CIN cells from the neck of the womb. 

LLETZ is short for large loop excision of the transformation zone. The specialist surgeons use diathermy ( a fine loop of heated wire) to carefully excise the part of the cervix containing any abnormal cells. The procedure is quick, safe, and efficient. The wire cuts the tissue, and the heat effectively seals blood vessels reducing the risk of bleeding. 

Who can benefit from colposcopy and LLETZ?

A colposcopy is an essential investigation for women who have had an abnormal smear test or if several smear tests haven’t achieved sufficient cell samples. Colposcopy may also be indicated if your doctor thought your cervix looked abnormal on examination, or if you’re experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding such as bleeding between periods or after sex.

LLETZ is a safe and effective treatment for pre-cancerous cells in the cervix. Your consultant will recommend LLETZ surgery if they have observed abnormalities on colposcopy, or if your biopsies show cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or CIN. 95% of women are cured after just one treatment; others require follow-up care to remove any remaining abnormal cells. 

Treatment options

Colposcopy is a critical investigation for women with abnormal cells in the cervix. It is the best way to discover the type of abnormality and the extent of the problem.

LLETZ is not the only way to remove CIN cells and prevent cancer. LASER and cold- coagulation are other techniques. However, more innovative methods like LLETZ have largely replaced these.  Your gynaecologist can also perform a cone biopsy to remove the segment of tissue containing abnormal cells under general anaesthetic.

If you are worried about your smear test result, you have had an abnormal coloscopy, or you have unusual vaginal bleeding, the expert gynaecologists at The London Clinic can provide expert assessment, investigation, and advice.

Colposcopy and LLETZ consultation at The London Clinic

Our experienced gynaecologists will assess and advise you in The London Clinic’s new colposcopy suite. It is a quiet, comfortable, private, well-equipped space with a calm, reassuring atmosphere.

The consultant will take a detailed medical history, examine your abdomen and pelvis, and ask about the impact your symptoms have on your health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Your gynaecologist will then explain what will happen during the procedure and take time to answer all your questions and address your concerns.  

Colposcopy at The London Clinic

The gynaecologists at The London Clinic usually perform colposcopy, with or without LLETZ treatment, as an outpatient procedure. However, general anaesthetic, a spinal block, and sedation are available for women undergoing a more extensive procedure, are anxious about treatment, are survivors of sexual assault, or have had negative experiences from gynaecological procedures in the past.

Your consultant may initially examine your vagina and pelvis using their fingers. 

You will lie on a gynaecology examination couch, with your legs in stirrups. The team will work to maintain your comfort and dignity throughout.  

The consultant will put a speculum into your vagina, like during a smear test. They will carefully examine the cervix through the colposcope, which is a type of microscope. They will identify any abnormal areas that require excision.

Before starting the LLETZ procedure, your gynaecologist will inject a local anaesthetic into the cervix to numb the area. They will use the specially-designed diathermy wire to cut away the area containing the abnormal cells. A suction device will remove any smoke and fluid. The tissue will be sent to The London Clinic’s laboratory for expert analysis. 

Recovery and aftercare

After the procedure, the expert team will provide a pad to protect your clothing and underwear, and support you as you recover. 

You will be able to go home on the day of your colposcopy. Your team will let you know the findings of the investigation and provide individual guidance on aftercare. They will also arrange follow-up for any treatment needed and to get the results of any biopsies.

You should be able to return to work and normal activities the next day. However, you may experience some crampy pain and bleeding, similar to a period. To prevent infection, you should avoid intercourse for four weeks. 

The team will always be on hand if you have any problems or worries. It’s particularly important to get prompt medical assessment if you have heavy bleeding and clots. 

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The London Clinic is an HTA licensed and JACIE accredited cancer centre with an ‘Excellent’ MacMillan Quality Environment Mark and with access to a Level 3 intensive care unit.

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