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The expert breast surgeons at The London Clinic are able to carry out breast surgery to remove tumours and as much as possible, conserve the shape of your breasts.

Several different forms of breast surgery can be performed. The operation that will be most suitable for you will depend on where your breast tumour is within the breast, how large it is and whether other areas within the breast are affected. You may have only a part of segment of your breast removed (this is called a wide local excision or a lumpectomy), or all of the breast tissue may need to be taken away by having a mastectomy.

Our teams understand your worries about changes in your appearance and will provide realistic recommendations to guide you towards the most appropriate treatment routine and aftercare, no matter which type of breast surgery you need.

Having a lumpectomy

Lumpectomy, or breast-conserving surgery, aims to keep as much healthy tissue as possible. Your surgeon will remove the tumour and the smallest amount of surrounding tissue as safely as possible. Often the consultant will order a sentinel node biopsy (SNB) of the glands under the arm before your breast surgery to see if cancer cells have spread into the lymph nodes. The sentinel node biopsy is performed at the same time as your breast surgery.

A lumpectomy leaves a small scar and most women retain their natural breast shape. Our consultant breast surgeons will give careful consideration to achieving the best cosmetic result for you .

The main aim of breast surgery is, however, to reduce the chance of the cancer returning or spreading . For many women, a combination of breast-conserving surgery and radiotherapy treatment is suggested because this makes it less likely the cancer will come back after breast surgery. This often decreases or reduces the need for a mastectomy in the future.

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