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Long term pain can also be referred to as persistent or chronic pain. It is usually defined as pain that persists beyond three months or after healing is complete.

Chronic pain can significantly impact the physical, social and psychological well-being of a person. Prolonged pain could lead to disability which may affect independence and quality of life.

Don't let long-term pain take over. If you're struggling to manage your chronic pain, our experienced and dedicated pain management experts provide a breadth of treatments and therapies designed to help you to overcome your pain and return to the activities you enjoy doing.

Our multi-disciplinary pain management team take a holistic approach to managing and treating your pain. With unrivalled experience and access to state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment, you can be confident you’re in safe hands.

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Our Pain Management specialists

Our world-leading experts treat a range of conditions related to pain management.

They have access to cutting-edge technologies available at The London Clinic, with our reputation for introducing innovations to benefit patients.

Each of our consultants has a detailed profile, where you can review their clinical interests plus lists of the pain management treatments they offer.

Appointment requests can be made online. Our appointment team will arrange for you to meet with a consultant as soon as it is convenient for you.

Related consultants

Consultant in pain medicine and neuromodulation
Consultant in Musculoskeletal, Sport & Exercise Medicine
Senior Physiotherapist
Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Physician

Our specialist centres

Centre for Pain Management

Provides treatment for a wide range of conditions, with a focus on bespoke treatment plans.

Centre for Movement Disorders

A specialist service for patients suffering from movement related disorders such as Parkinson's disease, dystonia and essential tremor.

Centre for Neuromodulation

A leader in spinal cord stimulation and other neuromodulation techniques, as well as in addressing the impacts of chronic pain.


A physiotherapy session

Evidence suggests that patients with chronic pain can benefit from exercise as part of a non-pharmacological approach to pain management.

The London Clinic's Physiotherapy service provides a high-level outpatient and inpatient service. Our team of physiotherapists have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including an aquatic therapy pool.

If you have joint pain and you're unsure what it might be, make use of our First Contact Practitioner service. The FCP service will be able to provide advice or refer you onwards to a consultant, or one of the team.

Physiotherapy services

Inpatient Pain Management Service 

The London Clinic Inpatient Pain Service (the first of its kind in the independent medical sector) comprises four consultants and three clinical nurse specialists, whose role is to optimise the assessment and management of pain during both peri-operative and medical admissions.

Our highly-educated Clinical Nurse Specialists in pain management provide day-to-day safe and effective specialist pain management and advice for patients experiencing pain during their hospital stay.

We help patients who are not necessarily having surgery, but are suffering from short or long term pain.

Whilst the team maintains oversight of all the more sophisticated techniques of pain management, e.g. patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) and epidural analgesia, we are particularly here to deliver a rolling programme of staff education, whilst responding in the event of more complex pain issues, in the pre and post-surgical patients and the medical and oncology areas.

We provide information on analgesic and non-pharmacological treatments for pain and we work closely with these teams: 

  • anaesthetic
  • chronic pain
  • critical care outreach
  • symptom control
  • other allied healthcare professionals 

The benefit to the patient is that these relationships help us to deliver individualised plans of care.


The team have various innovations in progress, in various stages of implementation, including the use of new local anaesthetic wound infusion techniques and PCA methods, with updated policy and documentation to support best practice.

We provide a core nursing service Monday Friday 8am - 4pm. 

We also provide some additional services from 4pm - 8pm most weekdays, and on some Saturday mornings where possible.

The pain consultants provide additional support with a consultant-led ward round, on at least four days.

The Pain Management Nursing Team:

  • Katharine Wall MSc DipHE, NMP, Lead Nurse
  • David Roche MSc Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Audra Mateviciene Clinical Nurse Specialist 

How can we help you with Pain Management?

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