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Macmillan awards The London Clinic five stars for cancer environment

09 Mar 2022

For the second time, The Duchess of Devonshire Wing, our dedicated cancer unit, has been awarded five stars and a rating of “excellent” by Macmillan.

The Macmillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM) assesses whether cancer services and environments meet the standards required by people living with cancer.

It involves rigorous assessment of the patient environment by cancer charity Macmillan and working directly with patients to hear their feedback.

Macmillan’s assessor said: “The team should be very proud of achieving [a score of] five in all standards, particularly in view of the exceedingly challenging issues the pandemic has presented.

“It is impressive [to be] receiving praise from the users of ‘the spotless and immaculate environment’, and rarely do assessments see that careful planning and thought has also been given to staff facilities.

“I would like to convey my appreciation to all of the staff… in such a progressive and important centre.”

The London Clinic is proud to have retained its rating of excellence, the highest score in the MQEM, for a second term, as a mark of our continued commitment to our patients with cancer.

Deirdre Moran, our Quality and Development Superintendent, supported Macmillan in its assessment last month.

“The team works diligently to ensure that we are always delivering the best possible care for our patients with cancer,” she said.

“Even in the midst of Covid, we have continually sought to make improvements to our cancer centre. It is so rewarding to be recognised by Macmillan for our hard work.”

MQEM was developed by Macmillan, a leading and much-loved cancer charity, with people living with cancer and key cancer organisations, including the Department of Health and Social Care.

The aim is to provide a benchmark for excellence in cancer care, while also celebrating the achievements of healthcare providers.

Al Russell, Chief Executive of The London Clinic, said: “We are thrilled to achieve this award of excellence for a second term running.

“At The London Clinic, our culture is one of continuous quality improvement as we seek to provide our patients with the best treatment and most compassionate care.

“As an independent hospital and charity, our vision is to advance clinical excellence and share best practice worldwide. This award, which celebrates excellence in cancer care, is testament to that vision.”

To achieve the MQEM award, cancer environments must be: welcoming, accessible, respectful and supportive of patients’ comfort and well-being, as well as listening to the patient’s voice.

One patient commented: “The unit provides holistic care. They make it very clear that they are not just about the treatment – they make sure you know about the support that is available.

“Care in patients is shown to everyone and I really am in awe of the team. I look forward to my visits as there is a level of reassurance with being there. It probably sounds odd but I will miss it when I don’t have to come anymore.”

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