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The London Clinic launches well-being oncology event

06 Sep 2022

From cancer-friendly skincare to pelvic floor physiotherapy, The London Clinic is hosting its third oncology pop-up to raise awareness of early symptoms and support people receiving treatment for cancer.

A collage photo of the partners present at our previous pop-up event

During treatment for cancer, making time for the things that make us feel good can become harder for many people.

However, in speaking to patients and their loved ones, our clinical experts find that people are often looking for ways to feel more like their authentic self. In fact, finding time for the things that make us feel good can benefit people’s emotional and mental well-being throughout a cancer diagnosis.

With one in two people developing some form of cancer during their lifetime, our third well-being oncology pop-up event, taking place on Thursday 8 September, is designed to provide holistic guidance on early symptoms, health, well-being and making time for that feel-good factor.

The London Clinic’s clinical experts will be on hand to provide a variety of services, including oncology skincare treatments and eyebrow workshops, plus information on the early indicators of cancer, treatment-induced menopause and pelvic floor physiotherapy. All are invited to visit.

In addition, we are welcoming back to our hospital post-mastectomy bra fitters The Bra Sisters; headscarf experts HeadWrappers; MANISAFE, a creator of gloves that protect against UV; Raoul Wig Makers; and INIKA makeup, a provider of natural and gentle makeup.

The unique event, launched within Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, has been coordinated in part by our Well-being Therapist, Fiona Murphy, who has her own personal relationship with cancer:

“After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at aged 25, I discovered a lack of beauty treatments available to people with cancer, due to the negative impact certain chemicals can have on cancer growths,” says Fiona.

“In fact, I was advised against having certain beauty treatments until I was five years clear of cancer. This was really challenging, as I didn’t feel like myself.”

Fiona Murphy

With Fiona having a first-hand understanding of how truly life-changing a cancer diagnosis can be, and how the lesser-known side effects of treatment can damage an individual’s self-esteem, she was determined to make a change. 

“I worked as a beauty therapist before my diagnosis, so I studied for a postgraduate degree in Oncology Therapies and become a specialist in oncology skincare and aesthetics, to try and provide some comfort to others in my position,” she says.

In August, Fiona outlived her prognosis by nine years. She now offers a range of health and well-being therapies at The London Clinic, with each personalised for a patient’s specific needs, incorporating gentle techniques and ingredients to remedy the impact of their cancer treatments.

Her aim is to raise awareness for the many unexpected side effects of cancer treatments, such as skin and nail issues including redness, dryness and pigmentation, while helping to boost people’s self-esteem.

Our third pop-up event will take place at our Healing Through Arts, Music & Culture gallery space at our Duchess of Devonshire Wing, 22 Devonshire Place, 
on Thursday 8 September, from 09:00 – 16:00.

Bra fitting services with The Bra Sisters will be open to the public and patients of The London Clinic. To book a bra fitting in advance, email

A flyer with details of our third well-being oncology pop-up event

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