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The London Clinic
Dr Ashraf is a senior gastroenterologist and highly skilled at all type of endoscopy procedures with 23 years of experience as a consultant in gastroenterology.

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Fast track your treatment with Dr Waseem Ashraf. Call us on 020 3944 1073.

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Specialties and sub-specialties

All Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, including Colonoscopy, ERCP, Gastroscopy, Capsule Endoscopy and Balloon Enteroscopy
Dyspepsia (indigestion) and Reflux Disease
Pancreas and Biliary Disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)
Endoscopic management/Stenting of Gastrointestinal Cancers


Professional profile

Dr Ashraf is a very Senior Gastroenterologist and highly skilled at all type of Endoscopy procedures with 23 years of experience as a Consultant Gastroenterologist. He has trained and mentored many Gastroenterologists who are working across the country.

Dr Ashraf specialised in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology from UK and then travelled to USA in 1992 for Advanced Gastroenterology Training and Research and received Fellowship in Gastroenterology from the University of Nebraska Medical Centre.

Dr Ashraf is very experienced in diagnosing and managing various Gastrointestinal Cancers as well as routine Gastrointestinal conditions with a particular expertise in advanced Gastroenterolgy Endoscopy procedures relating to stomach, Colon, Small intestine, Pancreas and Bile Ducts, effectively treating many conditions some of which would otherwise require major operations.

Dr Ashraf has extensive research experience and has authored 14 original research papers, published in major peer reviewed journals. He has also authored over 35 scientific and clinical abstracts and written two book chapters.

Clinical interests

  • Advanced Endoscopy Techniques
  • Small Bowel Disorders
  • Endoscopy Mentoring

Current posts

  • Consultant Gastroenterologist
    King George University Hospital, BHRT, East London

Medical training

Year qualified 1982
  • King Edward Medical College 1982
  • Visiting Associate and Fellow in Gastroenterology, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, USA 1994

Languages spoken


Personal interests

Dr Ashraf is married and has three sons. He lives in East London and actively participates in community activities and is involved with various local, national and international charities.

Dr Ashraf is a keen sportsman and regularly plays tennis and enjoys skiing. In his ‘younger days’ he played squash at international level and had a world ranking in the 1980s. He played cricket at university level and now avidly follows cricket and Formula 1 racing.

Dr Ashraf likes to read and watch programmes about science and science fiction, nature, evolution and space.

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