Visitor policy

At The London Clinic, we prioritise the health and wellbeing of our patients, their families, and our staff. As we continue to provide essential treatments and procedures, we take balanced steps to ensure the safety of everyone within our premises.

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Guidelines for visiting a patient

We understand that visiting a hospital can be an anxious time, so we've put together some important information to help you make the most of your visit while keeping our patients safe.

  • First and foremost, if you are feeling unwell, have flu-like/covid-19 symptoms, or experiencing vomiting or diarrhoea in the last 48 hrs, please do not visit the hospital. This is to prevent the spread of illness and protect our patients, visitors, and staff.
  • Visiting hours: we have open visiting hours, but please note that after 21:30, visiting is only allowed with agreement from the Matron and the Ward Manager.
  • Intensive Care Unit: we allow only two visitors at a time. While we will always strive to accommodate visitors, please understand that visiting may not always be possible and may be subject to patient-specific circumstances. Additionally, visitors may be required to step out into our visitors’ room while we carry out care interventions.
  • Masks: in certain situations, visitors may be requested to wear a mask when they are visiting clinically vulnerable patients or those on a respiratory pathway.
  • Covid-19 test: a negative lateral flow test (LFT) taken in the last 24h may be required to those who are visiting high-risk inpatients. The hospital is unable to provide a LFT. This can be purchased in any pharmacy.
  • Children: for the safety of our patients, we do not permit any children or babies to visit. Any special requests for children to visit must be approved by the Matrons. If approved, children must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will look after them throughout the visit.
  • Pets: please note that pets are not allowed in the hospital premises, except for assistance/guide dogs.

Thank you for helping us keep our patients safe and we hope you have a safe and comfortable visit at The London Clinic.

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Please contact us if you need more information about visiting a patient.