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The cancer specialists at The London Clinic can prescribe targeted drugs like Herceptin to help your body control the growth of your breast cancer.

Breast cancer cells grow in an uncontrolled way. This growth can be stimulated by chemical messages in the blood, which signal to specific receptors on the cancer cells. These Her2 receptors are found in all cells, they control cell growth and repair.  But they are present in particularly high numbers in 1 in 5 breast cancers, which can fuel the cancer’s growth and spread.

Her2 can be blocked by immune therapy, with a drug called Herceptin. It’s a monoclonal antibody that can block the signals, potentially slowing cancer growth and preventing recurrence.

Cancer treatment can be challenging, physically and emotionally. At this difficult time, The London Clinic can offer advanced treatments, as well as support and a stress-free environment in which to recover.

Why choose The London Clinic?

The London Clinic is dedicated to providing the best, personalised healthcare with over 600 world-renowned consultants available to offer informed health advice and treatment.

Spanning Harley Street and Devonshire Place, The London Clinic is situated in the heart of London’s internationally-known medical district. This central location, together with state-of-the-art technologies and facilities that are not widely available in other hospitals, makes The London Clinic the hospital of choice for around 120,000 patients every year.

Offering affordable and competitive self-pay packages and expert support from Clinical Nurse Specialists and our specialised multidisciplinary team, 98% of our patients said they would recommend The London Clinic to their friends and families.

Understanding your treatment

The London Clinic’s expert pathologists will analyse cells from your breast cancer and check for the presence of Her2 receptors. They’re found in small amounts on normal breast cells, but some cancer cells have larger numbers of the receptor. The more receptors a cancer has, the quicker it may grow, but Herceptin can block the signal, slow cancer growth and improve chances of survival.

Your consultant oncologist will discuss your treatment options and design a customised plan of treatment, always considering your feelings and your general health. Dr Mary McCormack, Dr Suzy Cleator and Prof Paul Ellis will explain what to expect during treatment and take time to answer any questions you may have.

Treatment facts

Herceptin is to be given directly into the vein or injected into your thigh, so the experience of treatment is a little like having chemotherapy, although with fewer unpleasant side-effects.

If having treatment via your vein, a drip may be inserted, or sometimes a device called an indwelling catheter can be put into your vein. This stays in place throughout the course of your treatment. It reduces the need for repeated needle insertions and can be much more comfortable, especially for people in whom venous access is a problem.

The drug is infused intravenously over around an hour. For early breast cancer, the treatment is repeated every 3 weeks for one year, but for more advanced disease, treatment can be given weekly. If you have the treatment via an injection, the treatment time is less.

Treatment risks and recovery

The first treatment may make you feel unwell, however this usually wears off fairly quickly. You may be tired and notice hot flushes and sweats, diarrhoea and joint or muscle pain.1

With continued treatment, your heart will be monitored because Herceptin can occasionally cause cardiac complications.

The effectiveness of your treatment will depend on the size and stage of the cancer and your general health. Throughout therapy, the London Clinic’s multidisciplinary team will work to maintain your physical health and your emotional wellbeing, they will support you and your family through every step of your cancer journey.

Herceptin therapy treatment cost

Cancer care at The London Clinic may be covered by your insurance. We also offer affordable, competitive self-pay packages for breast cancer treatment. Please call +44 (0) 207 616 7693 to speak to our helpful team and find out more about private Herceptin therapy and to book an appointment

[1] Hereceptin treatment for breast cancer

Treatment cost

The London Clinic offers affordable, competitive self-pay packages for certain treatments.

Please call +44 (0)20 3613 7502 to speak to our helpful team to find out more and to book an appointment.

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