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The UK is one of the safest countries in the world in which to have a blood transfusion. That is because all blood donors are unpaid volunteers. They are very carefully selected and tested to make sure that the blood they donate is as safe as possible.

However, we know that some patients who require blood transfusions at The London Clinic prefer not to receive blood from a donor. That is where the Clinic’s cell saver programme may be an effective alternative option.

Although only suitable for certain clinical procedures, the cell saver programme recovers and recycles the patient’s own blood that may be lost during an operation. The process ‘cleans’ the blood, extracting the red cells, which can then be transfused back into the patient.

Patients who may be interested in opting for The London Clinic’s cell saver programme as part of their treatment should discuss their options with their surgeon or anaesthetist in advance of their operation.

The cell saver programme is not suitable for patients undergoing cancer-related operations.

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