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The osseointegration procedure that was first used for dental implants by Dr. P.I. Brånemark in 1952, was developed in the 1990s for amputees. Since then, over 1,000 patients have been treated worldwide.


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What is it for?

To treat people who have amputations

Treatment overview

Amputations result in major changes to lifestyle, function and body image of the individual. Osseointegration removes the need for a socket prosthesis, significantly improving quality of life, by giving patients the ability to mobilise as close as possible to able bodied people.

Here at The London Clinic, we are committed to improving the lives of amputees. We offer comprehensive care, led by specialist teams at Europe’s largest trauma centre, supported by Prof Brånemark, who is internationally acclaimed as the most experienced surgeon in osseointegration, having performed over 400 surgeries.

The London Clinic is working in partnership with London International Patient Services (LIPS) to treat patients with this innovative service, available to UK and international patients.

What is osseointegration?

Osseointegration is specially designed for anchoring the prosthesis directly to the bone, using the OPRA™ (Osseointegrated Prostheses for the Rehabilitation of Amputees) implant system. It can be used for any adult amputee, in particular due to trauma or cancer, and those with rehabilitation problems, or those who cannot use a conventional socket.

The OPRA™ Implant System consists of a two-stage surgical procedure. A titanium implant, also known as the Fixture, is inserted into the marrow area of the bone (stage 1).

After a healing time of three to six months, a skin penetrating extension known as the Abutment is connected to the Fixture (stage 2). The prosthesis is then secured with an Abutment screw.

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What are the advantages of osseointegration?

The OPRA™ Implant System is the most widely-accepted device, with over 400 patients worldwide. There are a wide range of advantages of osseointegration, and the impact on people with amputations.

Amputees who undergo osseointegration have:

  • Improved quality of life and daily living
  • Increased range of motion
  • Eliminates pressure, sores and pain caused by socket
  • Stable attachment and easy detachment
  • Better walking ability, and can be worn all day
  • No socket adjustments required
  • Suitable for short amputation stumps Improved sensory feedback

What are the complications of osseointegration?

Osseointegration is a safe procedure, with evidence of complications being no greater than for revision total hip replacement surgery:

  • Infection requiring removal of the external abutment and implant
  • Problems with connection between the skin and implant
  • Peri-implant bone infections
  • Loosening of the implant fixture
  • Abutment fracture after a fall

OPRA™ is the only implant with both CE marking and FDA approval, and lower complication rates than other implants. International implant alternatives include Endo-Exo-Femur-Prosthesis and OGAP-OPL.

What surgical aftercare will be offered?

Following stages 1 and 2, our dedicated multidisciplinary team of specialists, nurses and support staff offer a standardised rehabilitation program for patients, during both stages of osseointegration. You will have follow-up with consultant surgeons and X-ray check-ups to ensure your optimum recovery and comfort.

The patient will require post-surgery physiotherapy during their stay at The London Clinic, to help maintain muscle strength in preparation for stage 2. The patient usually performs daily weight-bearing using the definitive prosthesis, with the support of our physiotherapists.

Why have osseointegration at The London Clinic?

The London Clinic is dedicated to providing amputees the best, innovative care with a world-class osseointegration centre that offers specialist facilities for complex surgery and excellent aftercare.

Our multidisciplinary team includes orthopaedic trauma specialists, trauma plastic reconstruction, and expert support from our pain management team and psychologist.

With direct support by Pro Branemark, and our nursing team, The London Clinic is dedicated to improving the lives of patients who have endured amputation from serious injury or illness such as cancer.

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We want you to be in control of your health. That’s why we also offer optional services such as comprehensive recovery packages and extra touches for you to choose from during your stay with us.

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  • You can use private medical insurance (PMI) to access this treatment. We work with all major PMI providers in the UK and many internationally
  • You can pay for yourself (self-pay)
  • If you’re paying for yourself, we have finance options available with Chrysalis

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