Histopathology and Cytology

We offer a comprehensive service for surgical pathology and cytology, both gynaecological and non-gynaecological.

Specimen collection and fixation

Specimens should be placed in formal saline for fixation as soon as possible except:

  • Bowel resections - these should be sent to the laboratory unfixed
  • Specimens requiring electron microscopy - please contact us for appropriate fixatives
  • Frozen sections - these should be immediately transported directly to the histology laboratory
  • Tissue for immunofluorescence studies - these should be sent to the laboratory unfixed in transport medium, which can be obtained from the laboratory
  • Testicular biopsies - should be placed in special fixative (Bouin’s fluid) available from the laboratory on request 

Formalin-fixed tissue is unsuitable for bacteriological examination. If this is required please send either two separate pots or fresh tissue and contact the laboratory immediately so that appropriate arrangements can be made to divide the specimen.

Buffered formal saline and small pre-filled specimen pots are available from the department on request. Large specimen buckets are available from our stores department.

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To ensure the slides are available for our pathologists to report on the next day, fixed or small unfixed specimens need to be received before 5pm and labelled as urgent.

If samples need to be reported urgently or are for same-day processing, we will need to receive the samples by 10am. To arrange this service please contact the department directly.

Larger specimens or bone requiring decalcification may require a longer reporting time period.

More information

Priya Taggar, Chief Biomedical Scientist

Tel: 020 7935 4444 ext. 7040

Dr RAS Blackie
Special interests: Brain and pulmonary pathology

Dr Elaine Borg
Special interests: Breast pathology and pulmonary pathology

Dr JE Calonje 
Special interests: Dermatopathology

Dr Alex Freeman 
Special interests: Urological pathology

Professor Robert Goldin 
Special interests: Gastrointestinal pathology

Dr Aiman Haider
Special interests: Urological pathology

Dr Charles Jameson 
Special interests: Urological pathology

Dr Ashutosh Nerurkar 
Special interests: Breast pathology

Professor Marco Novelli
Special interests: Gastrointestinal pathology

Dr Morgan Moorghen
Special interests: Gastrointestinal pathology

Dr Peter Osin
Special interests: Breast pathology

Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo
Special interests: Gastrointestinal pathology

Dr Naveena Singh
Special interests: Gynaecological pathology

Professor Gordon Stamp
Special interests: Gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic cancer

Dr Justin Weir
Special interests: Head, neck, oral and skin pathology

Dr Clive Wells
Special interests: Breast pathology

Dr Andrew Wotherspoon
Special interests: Gastrointestinal tumour pathology and haematopathology

Dr Alberto Quaglia
Special interest: Liver pathology

Dr Giorgia Trevisan
Special interests: Gynaecological pathology

Dr Alison Winstanley
Special interests: Gastrointestinal pathology

  • Dr Tania Levine
  • Dr Gillian Williams

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