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07 August 2019
Cancer care
In the media

The London Clinic is one of a small number of hospitals to offer adult patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma – an aggressive form of blood cancer - a new, cutting-edge form of immunotherapy called CAR-T cell therapy.

Professor John Gribben standing outside The London Clinic's Cancer Centre at 22 Devonshire Place.

Professor John Gribben, Consultant Haematologist, explains why CAR-T cell therapy has the potential to revolutionise cancer treatment in his interview with the Marylebone Journal. 

“The ability to adapt the patient’s own immune system to fight cancers is hugely exciting,” says Professor Gribben. “We are in the very early days, but this could be transformative for cancer treatments.

"It will be a long and difficult road to get there, but I can see a time when we will look back at the use of toxic chemotherapy chemicals in treating cancer in the same way as the concept that leeches were once considered good medicine. Now we wonder how anyone ever thought that,” he adds.

Read his interview with the Marylebone Journal

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