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Avoiding common football injuries

With the World Cup around the corner, our senior physiotherapists provide advice on how to minimise your risk of injury and get the most out of football this summer.

First patient treated with pioneering DBS Surgery

A patient with Parkinson’s disease has successfully undergone a pioneering form of deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery at The London Clinic.

Live performances from the Royal Opera House

Patients can now enjoy live performances from the Royal Opera House screened via satellite directly into their rooms.

3D printing benefits for hip surgery

Professor Alister Hart, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, explores the benefits of using 3D printing in implant surgery.

Last-minute tips for the London Marathon

Ahead of Sunday's London Marathon, we have five last-minute tips from one of our physiotherapists.

Females are almost twice as likely to get IBS

Dr Lisa Das, consultant gastroenterologist, explains that females are 1.7 times more likely to get irritable bowel syndrome.

Patient Concierge Service Available

The London Clinic is the first hospital in the UK to provide concierge services to patients.

Bowel cancer, symptoms and screening

Dr Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Consultant Gastroenterologist, discusses bowel cancer and the importance of screening.

Putting the patient first in back pain care

Mr Dan Plev, consultant neurosurgeon discusses back pain, spinal surgery, maintaining flexibility and the importance of a patient-centred approach.

What your mother should tell you

This Mother’s Day, one of our GPs, Dr Pixie McKenna, reflects on some of the health care questions you should think about asking your Mum.

Al Russell appointed Chief Executive

Al Russell has today been appointed Chief Executive of The London Clinic on a permanent basis.

How to support a loved one with cancer

Philippa Dooher, Lead Cancer Nurse at The London Clinic, is one of the experts providing advice for a health feature as part of World Cancer Day.

Deep brain stimulation showcased at Arab Health

Two of The London Clinic's leading neurological consultants, Dr Binith Cheeran and Mr Erlick Pereira, have been describing the benefits of deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment for a leading health conference in Dubai.

Consultants explain colorectal intraoperative radiotherapy

Two of The London Clinic's consultants have given a detailed interview on their pioneering approach to treating colorectal cancers.

Liver expert helps celebrities 'Lose the Booze'

Dr Alastair O'Brien is providing expert advice to ITV's 'The Lorraine Show', where celebrities aim to ditch alcohol for the month of January.

How to beat health problems: When your plumbing goes wrong

Dr Giles Hellawell, Consultant Urological Surgeon, at The London Clinic is quoted in a Daily Mail health feature on men’s urinary and prostate problems.

SpyGlass cholangiscopy transforming the way we treat conditions of the bile duct

Patients who have conditions of the bile duct can now be considered for SpyGlass® cholangioscopy treatment at The London Clinic.

How diet and exercise can help improve the symptoms of PCOS

Mr John Butler, Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon at The London Clinic, speaks to Cosmopolitan Magazine about how diet and exercise can help improve the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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