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21 February 2020
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A leading UK medical insurer’s most recent customer survey on quality of care, has shown that The London Clinic outperforms other top hospitals when it comes to the care patients receive. The insurer’s customers in particular highlighted our professionalism, expertise and caring manner of our staff.

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The London Clinic had the highest proportion of patients scoring us 9 or 10 (the highest measure) and the lowest number of those scoring us 0 to 6 (the lowest measure), compared to the other top 10 hospital groups.

Conducted every quarter, the survey also shows an increase in the number of patients scoring the Clinic 9 or 10 for quality of care, rising from 83% to 93% between the first two quarters of 2019. In the same time period, the number of respondents scoring us between 0 and 6 fell to zero.

Theresa Murphy, Director of Nursing, said: “We pride ourselves on the professionalism, expertise and caring manner in which we treat our patients – the very qualities this survey highlights. We have some of the best and most committed clinical staff working for us and I’m glad that this is recognised.”

Al Russell, Chief Executive said: ““Providing patients with the best quality of care is a value at the heart of The London Clinic, one underlined by our charitable status.  Every day our staff across all disciplines go above and beyond to ensure we remain at the forefront of patient care. We are thrilled that patients in London have recognised this, and we will continue to work hard to maintain these standards.”


  • The survey anonymises the names of the top 10 hospitals

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