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Date: 03 August 2018

The London Clinic, a private hospital and charity, has an established specialist head, neck and thyroid service. Expert clinicians are available to treat and manage all benign conditions through to the most complex head, neck and thyroid cancer.

This specialist service uses the latest diagnostic technologies, surgical techniques, and provides all supportive rehabilitation services in one location, in our international award-winning cancer centre

Every patient diagnosed with a head and neck or thyroid cancer is discussed in an expert multi-disciplinary meeting. All treatment options are considered and the best recommendation for management and care is proposed. The London Clinic has an exclusive head, neck and thyroid cancer pathway and all clinicians work together as a team to deliver the highest quality care and best patient experience.

The London Clinic also provides counselling services, physiotherapy, speech therapy, dietician services, lymphoedema therapy and complementary therapy services for patients and their loved-ones.

We focus on delivering the best cancer treatment together with the best and most compassionate cancer care.

“This service raises the bar in private healthcare for people with head, neck and thyroid conditions, including cancer,” says Sandra Jackson, Clinical Nurse Specialist.

“Our service provides a high quality, comprehensive care pathway in one location which is unusual in private hospital care. Our service supports patients and their relatives from diagnosis, through treatment and onwards when people leave hospital. Our leading consultants and clinical nurse specialists are there every step of the way for patients and their loved-ones,” adds Sandra.

Appointments are available now, please call our friendly team on +44 (0)207 616 7693. 

Head and Neck Services

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