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Date: 22 March 2018

Mr Dan Plev

Mr Dan Plev, consultant neurosurgeon discusses back pain, spinal surgery, maintaining flexibility and the importance of a patient-centred approach.

Mr Plev explains: "You have to look at the spine as a whole.  

“The first thing I do is spend time talking to the patient. I take a detailed medical history but I also talk to them about what is going on at the present time. It all goes back to the fact that you are dealing with a person, you are not treating an MRI image or a list of test results. Those are your tools, but the patient is the most important thing. Everything starts and ends with them.

"The question must always be, does the patient really need an operation? Less than 10 per cent of spinal problems actually need surgical intervention, the rest can be successfully dealt with by exercise or with medical treatment.

"If you try to address what led to their condition, particularly in the degenerative conditions, you can achieve a great deal of progress without surgery."

The full interview can be read at The Marylebone Village website.

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