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16 July 2019

We’re delighted to announce that Professor John G. Gribben, Consultant Haematologist and specialist in haematological cancers including lymphomas, leukaemias and bone marrow transplantation, is the new President of the European Hematology Association (EHA).

Professor Gribben has held the position of President Elect of the EHA for the last two years, and will now hold the position of President for the next two years.

Speaking of his new role as President, Professor Gribben said:

“It is a real honour for me to take on the role of President of the European Haematology Association for the next two years. In these challenging times for the UK, with our strong links with our European colleagues we will look to progress all aspects of clinical and translational research, education and advocacy to further the field of Haematology.”

The EHA is the largest association in Europe serving haematologists, advocating for excellence in patient care, research and education in haematology.

The EHA works with the haematology societies of each European country, connecting haematologists worldwide to promote greater access to treatments for patients, increasing investment into haematology research and ensuring that the voices of haematologists are heard, for EU legislation and regulation.

This year’s annual EHA Congress was held in Amsterdam. It was the largest Congress ever recorded, with more than 12,000 haematologists from 41 European countries and 82 non-European countries in attendance this year (more than one thousand additional participants to last year).

There was a strong presence from researchers from the Barts Cancer Institute's Centre for Haemato-OncologyThe four-day programme combined a broad range of presentations on clinical and basic haematology research topics.

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