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21 January 2020
Patient services

“I needed a dynamic, curious, fiercely professional approach to my health and that’s why I chose The London Clinic.”

Life’s been busy for world number 3 Telemark skier and elite Great Britain athlete Jasmin Taylor, as she prepares for the FIS Telemark World Cup which kicks off on 24 January.

Jasmine Taylor in a studio pose

To get in peak fitness in the run up to the skiing season, she leaves very little to chance - and the same is true when it comes to her health, including her physiotherapy support. 

Jasmin started working with The London Clinic Physiotherapy team in the summer of 2019.

Speaking of her experience, she adds:

“I had issues with my breathing and the work I’ve done with the physiotherapists to train my chest and stomach muscles has really made a difference.

"In a sport like skiing, where every little improvement means so much, the work they’ve done has really helped. I’m indebted to them for looking after me so well. They really took me under their wing to make sure I get the best in terms of physiotherapy care.”

Jasmine Taylor on the slopes

Alasdair Jones, Lead Outpatient Physiotherapist, says: “We developed a comprehensive physiotherapy programme for Jasmin by going through a thorough evaluation of her current condition.

"After detailed conversations with her strength and conditioning team, and a deep understanding of the needs of professional athletes, we can ensure that her chances of injuring herself in the coming season are as low as possible. 

“We’ve also explored new ways to squeeze that extra 1 - 2% from her training. As well as including all the normal physiotherapy tools, we’ve also looked at special techniques provided by a dedicated breathing specialist to maximise Jasmin’s performance on a daily basis.

“We love working with you Jasmin, and wish you all the best for 2020!”

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