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16 July 2018
Hospital announcements

The London Clinic, a private hospital and charity, has launched a new strategic partnership with Aetna, a leading international health insurance provider.

Aetna is one of America’s largest insurance companies, with over 22 million medical members in the USA and 800,000 members internationally.

The pilot programme, in partnership with The London Clinic, will involve an Aetna International Case Manager acting as an additional liaison point between the medical staff and the member. This highly personalised approach will include frequent visits by the Case Manager to The London Clinic’s hospital facilities, allowing patients to discuss any aspect of their treatment plans in person.

 “Our aim is to provide the best possible care with world-leading specialists, delivering a seamless journey from initial enquiry through to end of treatment,”said Al Russell, Chief Executive at The London Clinic.

“We also have extensive experience in caring for patients from across the world, and that remains central to our plans for the future. We are very excited to be looking after Aetna members in the months and years to come.”

“Our aim is to join members personally, and at their convenience,” said David Healy, Chief Executive EMEA at Aetna International. “We firmly believe this unique programme will help to maximise engagement and understanding among our members, their care givers and the Aetna International team. Members will be able to optimise their plan benefits, actively participate in discharge planning and take charge of their own health, all with us by their side.”

International Patients 

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