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27 March 2019
In the media

The Times newspaper interviewed Mr Daniel Walsh, Consultant Neurosurgeon for a feature about brain aneurysms and what we can learn from the case of ‘Game of Thrones’ actress, Emilia Clarke, who experienced two brain aneurysms. She has since launched the charity Same You to help increase rehabilitation access after brain injury and stroke.

Graphic representation of a human brain

“Use of recreational drugs is a risk factor and a healthy diet can help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I see a lot of patients with multiple aneurysms and many of them have been doing nothing more energetic than watching the news at the time” says Daniel Walsh.

“Regular exercise is not something people should avoid” and Walsh stresses, “smoking is the very worst thing you can do” he adds. 

To read more, please visit the article on the The Times website

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