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18 July 2019
Digestive health and wellbeing

London GPs joined a celebratory event for The London Clinic’s recently awarded Endoscopy Unit JAG accreditation.

Al Russell addresses the gathering

JAG accreditation recognises patient-experience, quality of care and teamwork against national clinical standards in digestive health, in both the NHS and independent sectors.

The London Clinic’s Chief Executive, Al Russell, paid tribute to the Endoscopy team, including Clinical Lead, Dr Rehan Haidry and Governance Lead, Dr Edward Seward, for their achievements.

“The London Clinic is centred completely around patient experience,” said Chief Executive, Al Russell.

"From the moment a patient is greeted by one of our front-of-house team, our nurses and world-class clinicians work as a multidisciplinary team to provide the highest standard of healthcare.

"We are very proud that this is shown repeatedly in feedback from our patients. The JAG assessment team have recognised this and I am delighted for everyone in our hospital-wide team.”

Sukhy Jagdev, Head of Clinician Relationships at the Clinic said: “This was a great opportunity for local GPs to get to know our Consultant Gastroenterologists, General Surgeons and GI-oncologists. They regularly refer patients to our consultant team and discuss cases over the phone with them to ensure patient pathways are as joined up as possible.

"It was a pleasure to facilitate this meeting and to raise awareness of the amazing work The London Clinic is doing through its clinical trials department and charitable purpose.”

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JAG accreditation for the Endoscopy Unit 

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