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Date: 04 May 2018

Royal Opera House artwork for Swan Lake

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence and the best patient experience, patients can now enjoy live performances from the Royal Opera House screened via satellite directly into their rooms.

This is the first time patients anywhere have been able to enjoy the Live Cinema Season from the Royal Opera House.

  • "I come to the Clinic a lot and it was a really nice surprise to see this. Very positive... a great experience."
  • "Great idea - I prefer ballet to opera but a really great idea."
  • "Quite impressive... a theatre experience. I felt like part of the audience with the build-up and the excitement of the orchestra tuning up..."
  • "First class. First rate. Excellent! Five stars."

Time spent in hospital can mean missing out on favourite cultural events. Research has shown that keeping patients connected to the outside world can improve health outcomes and has a positive effect on the impact of hospitalisation.

The programme began with seasonal favourite the Nutcracker, and critically acclaimed performances of Rigoletto, Tosca, Carmen, A Winter's Tale, Macbeth, and a Bernstein Centenary celebration ballet have thrilled in equal measures. 

Upcoming performances can be seen below. We hope you enjoy this unique experience and join us in celebrating the very best of London’s culture while in hospital.

Swan Lake (Ballet)
​Tuesday 12 June

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