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Date: 05 February 2018

Philippa Dooher, Lead Cancer Nurse at The London Clinic, is one of the experts providing advice for a health feature as part of World Cancer Day (Sunday 4 February).

The article focuses on what friends and family can do to support people who have received a cancer diagnosis.  

Philippa Dooher

Philippa's advice covers the question of whether or not to accompany the cancer patient to an appointment:

"Sometimes people say no, when they don't want to be a burden; but there are other individuals who really would rather go alone. So, make sure you find out.

"If you do attend an appointment, take notes and ask questions, but make sure you don’t dominate the appointment, as this can prove quite a negative experience."

Philippa also has this advice for supporting those undergoing treatment:

"It's good to really know when the peak side-effects will happen as with chemotherapy. Also, finding out about the expected side-effects will mean you can provide reassurance in the moment and give proper support."

The London Clinic has specialist teams who work closely with world-leading oncology consultants, supported by some of the most modern treatment technology available.

Read the full article at the Patient website

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