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10 January 2019
Cancer care
Patient services

Dr Clare Allen, Consultant Radiologist, explains how the arrival of The London Clinic’s new 3T MRI scanner is transforming the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Dr Clare Allen sitting besides the 3T MRI scanner (photo courtesy of The Marylebone Journal)

“Excellent prostate cancer care involves a multidisciplinary approach, which they excel at here at The London Clinic,” says Dr Allen.

“Prostate cancer is an interesting cancer because there is such a wide spectrum of disease. A lot of tumours we detect can be safely monitored, as they pose no danger to the patient, while others are very aggressive and need to be treated very quickly in order to save the patient’s life.

"MRI scans can help determine what type of tumour the patient might have, so it’s an area where it has been possible to make hugely beneficial changes for the patient. 

“We are really leading the way on this in Britain. About 50 per cent of men here have an MRI scan before having a biopsy, and this number is rising each year, while in the US, for example, it is around 7 per cent.

“Every two weeks at The London Clinic, everybody involved with the patient’s care —oncologists, urologists, radiologists and pathologists — meet to discuss their progress and plan the next move.

"We discuss the scans and any biopsy results, and work out the options for the patient’s treatment. This multidisciplinary approach is best for patient care and offers a personalised approach to their cancer treatment,” explains Dr Allen.

The full interview with Dr Allen in the Marylebone Journal can be read on the magazine's website.

Find out more about The London Clinic’s 3T MRI, including how to book an appointment for your or your patient.

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