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23 March 2020
Hospital announcements

From Monday 23 March 2020, along with other independent hospitals, The London Clinic will be backing up the NHS while it focuses on supporting and treating everyone impacted by COVID-19.

Exterior of The London Clinic

This will include access to:

Our healthcare team, including over 400 expert nurses and close to 900 leading consultants, will provide care 24/7, for as long they are needed. 

Al Russell, The London Clinic’s Chief Executive, added:

“We face an unprecedented situation, one that becomes more challenging and complex as each day passes. Our colleagues in the NHS are working tirelessly, day-and-night, to support everyone impacted in extreme circumstances.

"The independent sector is stepping up to support, and The London Clinic, as one of the UK’s largest independent hospitals as well as a charity, is no different.

"We are determined to support this effort with all the energy and capability we can muster”

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