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08 October 2019
Digestive health and wellbeing
In the media

One of The London Clinic's consultant gastroenterologists, Dr Natalie Philips, is quoted extensively in a Women's Health feature on a new product promoted by Kim Kardashian West.

Dr Natalie Phillips

The reality TV star and Instagram celebrity is selling a 'waist trainer' through her shapewear line, SKIMS. 

Women's Health asked Dr Phillips if the garment could contribute towards weight loss.

"'They are an aesthetic aid and may give the illusion that you have lost weight or have a slimmer waist, but that is a temporary effect and there is no data to suggest they can help you lose weight", our consultant commented.

Dr Phillips, who treats conditions including biliary and pancreatic disease, gallstones, and IBS, went on to warn:

"Anything which increases your intra-abdominal pressure can cause gastro-oesophageal reflux (also known as GORD), which is commonly termed heartburn. Theoretically a tight band applied to your waist can do this."

She concluded: "Waist trainers should be treated as an aesthetic aid but, as with everything in health, there is no quick fix or substitution for a healthy diet and regular exercise."

Further information

Read the feature at the Women's Health magazine website.

Make an appointment with Dr Phillips and view more details about the Digestive Health services at The London Clinic.

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