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03 November 2019
Cancer care
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Telling her story to the Mail on Sunday to raise awareness of bowel cancer, Zu Rafalat, from Finsbury Park, London, was treated at The London Clinic following referral by her doctor after experiencing bloating in her stomach after a holiday.

As part of her initial investigations at the Clinic, Zu, underwent a range of tests including CT scans, an MRI scan, an ultrasound and a colonoscopy after which she was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer

After an eight-hour operation, doctors removed as many of the tumours as possible. 

Speaking of her experience, Zu said that her diagnosis was a lot to take in: “'I just wanted a plan of action. Straight away I asked the doctor when he could book me in for surgery - I wanted him to get this cancer out of my body.

“I told him I was happy for him to take whatever was necessary out to get rid of the cancer. Despite being diagnosed with stage four cancer, I've only got traces left in my body and that's got to be a good thing.”

“But for now, I just want to raise awareness and put bowel cancer on the radar.'

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