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Date: 29 August 2018

The London Clinic’s new specialist cardio-oncology service has been launched, led by Dr Arjun Ghosh, Consultant Cardiologist.


He is the first Consultant Cardiologist in the UK to be appointed with the specific remit of managing cancer patients with cardiac issues.

Cardio-oncology is the prevention or management of cardio-vascular disease in cancer patients throughout their oncology treatment. Some cancer drugs can cause abnormal rhythms or weaken the heart so the service plays a key role in preventing the development of cardiac complications and managing them if they occur.

How the service works

The cardio-oncology service can assess the cardiac risk of a patient before the initiation of cancer treatment. The assessment includes a clinical examination followed by cardiac tests such as echocardiography and monitoring at home (24 hours) of blood pressure and heart rate. Cardiovascular risk profile blood tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney and liver function) complete the comprehensive assessment. The cardio-oncologist will then work closely with our oncologists to choose the best possible treatment plan.

Patients with ‘late effects’ are followed regularly up to detect cardiac complications after the completion of cancer treatment to ensure a healthy heart years later.

Dr Ghosh sees patients at the London Clinic between 1-5pm on every Thursday afternoon and at other times by appointment. Please call our appointments team on 0207 616 7693 or his secretary Tenzin Seldon 0203 447 9376; to book an appointment. 

Cardio-oncology service

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