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Date: 20 June 2018


Following the footsteps of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, The London Clinic has become the first private hospital in the world to pilot augmented reality technology, during a robotic prostate cancer operation.

Proximie uses two smart phones or tablets connected to the internet which displays a live camera feed. With a view of the procedure, the remote surgeon then marks on the device where to make incisions.

By piloting this interactive augmented reality software, The London Clinic showcases how patients all over the world can get access to leading consultants in their field, and how we can share our expertise to help others develop and learn.

Professor of robotics and urological surgeon, Professor Prokar Dasgupta, who trialled this new technology at The London Clinic said: “Proximie was co-founded a number of years ago by Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, a specialist registrar in plastic surgery. This augmented reality system can actually transport the surgeon in real-time, visually and by audio into an operating theatre, when she or he is not actually there.”



Professor Dasgupta led the operation by instructing a urology consultant surgeon, Mr Oussama Elhage, through a computer from another part of the Clinic, while he started the robotic procedure to remove the prostate.

The augmented reality platform is also used to train the next generation of surgeons. The key training benefit Proximie offers, is it’s much more interactive than traditional training or live-streaming tools, thus allowing integrated collaboration and better learning outcomes.

This ground-breaking software also provides annotated live streams and medical records integration, meaning consultants can access patient information and take photos during the procedure, which is saved to their record.

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