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01 December 2020
Hospital announcements

As we near the end of this most turbulent year, The London Clinic is pleased to launch our 2020 Annual Appeal. This year we are focusing on raising donations for oncology services at our cancer centre, The Duchess of Devonshire Wing.

Christmas Message Tree

Amongst the usual festive baubles at The Duchess of Devonshire Wing, patients, staff and visitors will come across our new Message Tree. This Message Tree is a means to celebrate someone you care about.

This is an opportunity for you to celebrate a friend or family member, show appreciation for a colleague or a patient, or remember someone who features warmly in your heart.

Louise Formby, Director of Philanthropy at The London Clinic, explains:

"For a small donation, you may purchase a message in The Duchess of Devonshire Wing reception or online at our Charity site and we will proudly hang it on a heart or star on the tree for you. We are kindly asking for minimum donation of £5 – though any more is greatly appreciated.

"100% of all donations will go towards enhancing services in The Duchess of Devonshire Wing, such as:

"Thank you again for your generosity and kindness in supporting our Annual Appeal."

Purchase a Message

Donations and the chance to leave your message can be made at our Annual Appeal page.

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