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Date: 20 August 2018

Al Russell, The London Clinic’s Chief Executive, talks about the importance of listening to consultants and employees in his interview with the Marylebone Journal.

Al Russell in one of our treatment rooms

Al discusses the hospital’s new strategy and new investments: “We have formulated a strategy which has three areas of focus. One is surgery, in particular relating to digestive diseases. Another is our musculoskeletal work—we have a very strong rehabilitation facility here. The third is based around patient management, and our multidisciplinary teams (MDTs), especially in cancer care.

“We have a new Siemens Vida 3T MRI scanner coming in September, which will provide gold-standard imaging support in specialty areas such as orthopaedics, oncology, urology and neurology. We will be the first hospital in London to have one,” he says.

Al is committed to making The London Clinic more commercially agile, drawing on his experience at Vodafone:

“Our commercial agility will underpin our clinical pillars. The London Clinic is an independent organisation with a unique ethos: caring, collaborative, friendly and specifically not corporate. To maintain that, we need to keep delivering outstanding patient outcomes, and attract more patients.

"We need to be open-minded about joint-venture relationships with our consultants - who are also in a way our customers. We need to be more competitive with pricing for self-paying patients. We need to be better at sharing our stories, because we have such a wonderful narrative. And we need to be much more open-minded about partnerships with other institutions, so that we can compete with the really big commercial players in the market,” he adds.

Making the lives of consultants, GPs, medical secretaries, patients and employees easier is a key priority: “Every minute we can shave off booking patients in, booking theatre slots or sorting out radiology appointments is extra time that our consultants can spend with patients. I want those structures to be razor-sharp. It is quite unglamorous, but it can provide huge benefits.

“I want to ensure that The London Clinic maintains its status as the leading independent general hospital with charitable status in central London, in an increasingly competitive field,” he says. “We will do that by maintaining clinical excellence while improving our efficiency in non-clinical areas,” he adds.

Read the full interview with The Marylebone Journal

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