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20 March 2019
In the media
Robotic surgery

Mr Dinesh Nathwani, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, discusses current and future advances for robot-assisted knee replacement surgery in Clinical Services Journal.

Mr Dinesh Nathwani

“The London Clinic was the first private hospital in the UK to introduce robotic surgery across different clinical specialties. The hospital introduced the handheld NAVIO® robot-assisted surgical system in early 2018 to support my work as an orthopaedic surgeon for total and partial knee replacement surgery.

"The London Clinic is one of the few hospitals in the UK to offer this robot-assisted system to surgeons and their patients and during 2018, 30 patients were operated on using it,” says Mr Nathwani.

Navio handpiece

“The NAVIO® robot-assisted surgical system offers important benefits for people undergoing a knee replacements. It helps surgeons create a bespoke individualised plan that is specific to the unique shape and motion of the knee. With robot-assisted surgery techniques, you can perform the surgery much more precisely, resulting in consistently good results,” adds Mr Nathwani.

Supporting the NAVIO® robot-assisted surgical system is an exclusive enhanced rehabilitation care pathway that is offered by the hospital. This involves a comprehensive prehabilitation exercise programme, multidisciplinary pre-operative assessment and intense post-operative programme.

All patients are supported before and after surgery by our expert physiotherapy team, using The London Clinic’s exclusive patient pathway that includes rehabilitation in our hydrotherapy pool and using our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill.

To read more, please visit the article on the Clinical Services Journal website (registration is free): Advances in surgical techniques.

Find out more about knee surgery with the Navio robot-assisted surgical system at The London Clinic.

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