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Robotic surgery at The London Clinic is performed by highly experienced and skilled surgeons using the latest techniques and equipment, backed up by excellent clinical care.

Robotic surgery specialists

View the full list of our consultants, from anaesthetists to urologists, with robotic surgery expertise. Visit their profiles to book an appointment to discuss your treatment needs.

da Vinci

The da Vinci® surgical system helps our surgeons perform complex operations with precise incisions, speeding up patient recovery. A new da Vinci Xi surgical system, with a Trump table and secondary screen, arrives in Autumn 2020.


NAVIO® is an innovative approach to all forms of knee replacement surgery. The London Clinic is one of the only hospitals in the UK to offer this robotics surgical system.

Talking Health Podcast: Robotics Surgery


Hear from Professor Prokar Dasgupta, Professor of Urology and a pioneer in the field of robotics, alongside Tom, a patient who has made a full recovery after undergoing robotics surgery for prostate cancer.

They share their stories and views, within the context of advancing healthcare and personal experiences.


The London Clinic was the first ever private hospital in the UK to trial and offer robotic surgery for prostate cancer using the da Vinci® Surgical System back in 2005.

Since then, The London Clinic's numerous robotics surgeons have enjoyed many successes with the da Vinci® robot, and we continue to be a pioneering light for robotic surgery, which is now used across multiple specialties in a multidisciplinary approach.

In 2018, we added a second robot to our offering; the NAVIO®. NAVIO® is a robot used for knee replacement. Several of our consultants are trained in the use of the NAVIOOur investment in robotic technology shows our commitment to supporting consultants to deliver the best possible surgery for our patients. Our aim as a hospital is to remain at the forefront of driving innovation in patient care.



  • The London Clinic Centre for Robotic Surgery is fully endorsed by our Chief Executive, Al Russell, and comprises a wide-range of expert consultants, nurses, anaesthetists and other teams across all specialities.
  • We go beyond different specialities using robotics, to include pre-operative care with our anaesthetists and our clinical nurse specialists who provide top-quality care for our patients. 
  • Our multidisciplinary approach makes us faster, knowledgeable and more adaptable.

Robotics website


Surgery da vinci


A word from our CEO

Our Chief Executive, Al Russell, discusses how the use of robots allows our patients access to the most advanced treatments.



"We are absolutely dedicated to supporting our consultants and working with them in partnership, to make sure we remain at the vanguard of robotics." "
Al Russell 

education and training 

Training surgeons


Education and training for our surgeons is critically important for providing quality surgical care, which  improve patient outcomes.

The London Clinic Centre for Robotics will help the next-generation of robotic surgeons to develop the skills they need to safely and confidently integrate technology into practice.

Training includes e-learning, dry lab and wet lab based teaching, interactive simulations, mentored learning and face-to-face training. 

We utilise a multidisciplinary model, with participation and incorporation of theatre staff, fellows, anaesthetists and surgeons.

what would you like to know about robotic surgery?

Our team of specialist advisors will be able to assist you with your enquiry on robotic surgery options at The London Clinic.

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The London Clinic is fully committed to compliance with Data Protection and Department of Health medical confidentiality guidelines. The personal information that you submit using this form will be held securely by us and your personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of the London Clinic or used for any other purpose than to respond to your enquiry and / or request. Please confirm how you would like us to contact you:

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