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Orthopaedics at The London Clinic

Our specialist teams at The London Clinic work together to provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of bone and joint conditions.

From knee arthroscopy to hip replacement surgery, our expert consultants can help to get you back on the move, quickly. 

Our qualified physiotherapists will work with you to create a personalised recovery programme, supported by our state-of-the-art equipment and aquatic therapy pool

We have a range of diagnostic imaging available to ensure your orthopaedic consultant has all the information necessary to make a specific diagnosis and therefore tailor a treatment plan to you. 

A knee being examined

Orthopaedics Treatments and Conditions

At The London Clinic, our orthopaedics specialists deal with treatments ranging from hip replacement surgery to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair.

We can also treat you for common conditions such as bunions, or tennis elbow.


A London Clinic physio helping a patient

Our physiotherapy team can also help to treat problems without the need for surgery and to help with your rehabilitation if you do require surgery.

With our own hydrotherapy pool and range of specialist equipment, our specialist physiotherapists work closely with our orthopaedics consultants to provide a seamless service. 

Physiotherapy services

Our Orthopaedics specialists

Our world-renowned experts treat a wide range of conditions affecting bones and joints.

They have access to cutting-edge treatments available at The London Clinic.

Visit a consultant's profile to see details of their expertise, and the days on when they are available. 

Make an appointment query online and our dedicated Appointments team will arrange for you to meet with a consultant as soon as it is convenient for you.

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Our orthopaedic nursing team is dedicated to looking after patients with bone and joint problems. 

They work closely with consultant orthopaedic surgeons to make sure you are cared for by nurses who know just what you need.

There are 24 people in the team, made up of healthcare assistants, specialist nurses, sisters and managers. 

A patient at The London Clinic

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